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  1. had iceland to win vs england at 9/1 and don't need to bet again
  2. meant to say this as well but then again look who posted that comment
  3. why are you quoting minor six month old remarks? weirdo. but yeah, even i can't be bothered defending this anymore. he's done as much as he can and i can't really see it getting any better, doesn't seem to be much point in giving him that last season. i'm not entirely sure what the solution is though. not really interested in giggs or mourinho, ancelotti's going to bayern and klopp's already gone. unless we can somehow get guardiola in i don't know what the next move is tbh.
  4. comparing guardiola and giggs is hilarious. ancelotti seems to be people's favourite at the moment, personally think we should do absolutely everything for guardiola, especially if the city stuff has any truth. although i'm sure some of his tactical quirks will wind people up no end as well, except it'll be more entertaining than van gaal's.
  5. getting a bit hard to stomach every week, this. just unbelievably dull football. but we're stable and generally winning, which i guess is what van gaal was hired for after the 7th disaster. his stabilisation and foundation laying job is almost done, and he'll leave as per his wishes soon enough, so there's no point crying about it.
  6. we'd have been in the market for one anyway
  7. at least he tried rooney left, martial central for a little bit today as a reaction to it clearly not really working the other way
  8. i don't really like this pressure argument. he doesn't seem fazed by anything. he scores when he plays up front, and even if he doesn't he plays well anyway, and we play better/look much more dangerous as a team. he probably feels more under pressure playing out wide than down the middle, and i doubt he likes tracking back all game either. he really needs to be playing up front regularly, i can't see how lumping him out wide is helping anyone (him or the team). he's out there to accommodate rooney, nothing more. and it's severely holding us back.
  9. that rooney chance is exactly why we won't win anything until he's dropped. martial would've scored.
  10. but actually rojo's been swinging some great crosses in lately
  11. not true at all, especially when shaw plays. even valencia gets forward, he just turns back once he's up there because he's rubbish. blind and rojo are just slow.
  12. tbh he should be sacked if he doesn't drop him
  13. stop hating, guys