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  1. Hi I received a crash dump in the middle of a save. I was clicking through to team selection just ahead of a game. Now, whenever I load up FM and try to load the save, I get a message that says the game cannot be loaded and my manager avatar is replaced with a generic one that is distorted (like it has two faces). Attached are my dxdiag and crash dump file and I have uploaded my save game to the FM cloud. I've uploaded my save file to the SI cloud as Man Utd.fm (sorry it's not more original) I can't recall exactly, but I think I had a large database with major European leagues running (to at least 2nd tier) and some as visible only (like the Brazilian league). I've tried removing customs graphics and have un and reinstalled my graphics drivers but to no success. Let me know if you need anything else - any help greatly appreciated! Thanks DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.2.0.1173367 (2018.12.12 22.10.29).dmp
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