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  1. I've tried using the template of this file to amend another league's fixtures, but can't get it to work. I change the competition ID and the actual fixtures, what else is required? Not sure what the "<string id="file" value="eng_prem"/>" changes to, and not sure what the "<string id="svvs" value="1830"/>" refers to. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. I am trying to add real fixtures to a league for the first time, basing the file on one someone else has previously posted. I've done it for the first four weeks and wanted to start a game to make sure it would work but it's not showing fixtures I created. Do I need to do this for the full season, or does this mean I've done something wrong?
  3. I can see this has been updated but there are still issues: - Inverurie Locos are entered in the first season when it should be Spartans - Crusaders are entered in the first season when it should be Wrexham. This means there are three teams from Northern Irish league and one from English league, when it should be two from both - In my game Connah's Quay got drawn against Ballymena in the third round, which shouldn't be possible as there should be a Scottish side in each tie - The competition rules (over 21s, suspensions) are still wrong Apologies if this is all still being worked on, just wanted to check since a fix seems to have resolved some of the original issues.
  4. Is this being looked into? I can see they show in the editor but don't appear in the game.
  5. Is there anyway to tell us what version fixes for bugs raised here are being targeted for? Reluctant to start a long-term save until some things are fixed. Thanks.
  6. There's a few issues with the Europe Nations Club Coefficients: The figures are showing as being to two decimal places when they should really be three (see here). This is only a problem with the figures already there, the new figures calculated by the game for future seasons correctly use three decimal places Albania's 2018/19 points are missing, meaning they start 41st in the table when they should be 36th (should be 1.000 rather than 0.000 as per above link) Kosovo's 2017/18 points are wrong, meaning they start 47th in the table when they should be 53rd (should be 0.000 rather than 2.500 as per above link)
  7. In FM19 it was £1.4m pa which sounds about right: In FM20 it has been reduced to only £175k pa. In both it has an end date in April of the first season which I thought was wrong, but having let the game run into the second season I can see this auto-renews so is fine. The amount is definitely wrong though, and should be around £1.2m pa. Thanks
  8. No worries, as I say it's all down to opinion and nothing there I'd disagree with. On Clare I was just going to his star rating since I can't see his CA and he was fifth best on that, 11th or 12th sounds about right 👍
  9. Just noticed the Reserve Cup and Reserve Challenge Cup aren't there. Both were in FM19 and still exist in real life, not sure why they would not be in FM20?
  10. Yeah I make it Henderson - 29/06/2000, Darge - 26/04/2003 (seems to be confirmed on his Facebook so strange if he's told you 23rd!) and Strang - 11/11/2002. Don't see anything that stands out as being massively wrong with individual attributes, it's obviously down to opinions but generally they look good to me. Only really have the following suggestions: I think Aaron Hickey needs to have his current ability increased, he's nailed down as first choice left back yet in the game he starts in the reserves. Maybe just a few attributes increased slightly as nothing looks way too low. On the other hand Sean Clare probably needs downgraded as he doesn't look like he's going to live up to the hype from when he signed, yet is one of our best players in the game. Probably worth decreasing things like determination, teamwork and work rate as technically he is good. I'd also describe Oliver Bozanic as a ball winning midfielder though this appears to be low down in the list of his preferred roles, definitely don't see him as a box to box midfielder which is at the top. A couple of other things related to the club itself: The pitch is down as being grass though we installed a hybrid pitch last year (grass/synthetic mix I think it's called in the game?). The Foundation of Hearts subscriptions (club membership in finances screen) seem to be undervalued and set to end in April 2020 which isn't right. This should be around £100k a month with no end date. Sponsorship income also seems too low compared with other teams in the Premiership, is there no way to replicate the exceptional donation income we receive in place of a transitional shirt sponsor (£2m and £2.5m in last two financial years)?
  11. No worries, been looking a bit more into the Challenge Cup as it's currently miles away from what actually happens (though it must be one of the most difficult competitions to code!). Here's what should happen: Preliminary Round should be removed 1st Round should be: - 4 best Highland League teams from previous season - 4 best Lowland League teams from previous season - All 12 Premiership Colt (reserve) teams - 4 worst League Two teams from previous season The draw should be seeded so that every match has a Colt (reserve) team in it and be regionalised (north and south sections). 2nd Round should be: - All 10 League One teams - Remaining 6 League Two teams - 12 winners from previous round The draw should be unseeded and be regionalised (north and south sections). 3rd Round should be: - 2 teams from Northern Ireland* - 2 teams from Wales* - 2 teams from England* - 2 teams from Ireland* - All 10 Championship teams - 14 winners from previous round The draw is unnecessarily complicated, but to simplify it there should be at least one Scottish team in each tie, and ideally one team from each of the other countries should be at home and one away. The remaining rounds are a straight unseeded draw. * Choosing the correct ‘foreign’ teams is tricky since it’s ultimately down to each association. To replicate what happened this year I’d say: Northern Ireland - 2nd and 3rd placed team in Premiership from previous season Wales - 1st and 2nd placed teams in Premier from previous season England – 2 highest placed teams not promoted from National League from previous season Ireland – 2 highest placed team not qualified for Europe from Premier Division from previous year Full details are here.
  12. Thanks, noticed a few more: The prize money for all four divisions hasn't been updated with the most recent figures announced (found here). The Betfred Cup group stages have head to head as the league sorting rule when it should be goal difference (see here). The disciplinary rules for the Betfred Cup are wrong. It currently has different rules for teams entering in round 1 and 2 to those entering after round 2, but no teams enter after round 2 (looks like the Challenge Cup rules have been used in error). It should be a one game ban for two bookings, with bookings cleared after the group stage and prior to the semi final (see here). The group stage specific rules also refer to an extra time sub being allowed but extra time is not played in the group stage (just a cosmetic issue). The Challenge Cup rules are also wrong. Disciplinary rules should be as per the above link, and it also says no over 21s can be in the squad which isn't right. Two over age players should be allowed (see here). Also not sure why there is a preliminary round as that doesn't exist, so there must be something wrong with the number of teams entered or the format. The Scottish Premiership awards page is missing last season's top goalscorer (all other awards are there).
  13. A few more minor issues after looking in more detail: I'd imagine Uche Ikpeazu is significantly heavier than 12st 6lbs, but obviously hard to confirm what the correct figure is. Clevid Dikamona's career milestones look strange. They suggest he left Hearts on 5/8/2018 despite him (correctly) still being in the squad. Gary Naysmith was announced as Loan Manager on 6/8/2019 but currently shows as 1/12/2016 in the game, which makes it look like he was Queen of the South manager for one day. Andrew Lombard should probably be Sports Scientist for the U18 squad rather than the reserves since his actual title is Academy Sports Scientist. Angus Beith probably shouldn't be at the club in the game since he only helps out with the kids teams (under 12s and below I believe). John Rankin should really be there instead but I assume this isn't possible since he's still playing for Clyde. A lot of the players Hearts have out on loan are still able to play for the reserves but this isn't reflected in the game. Is this still not possible to set up in the database like last year?
  14. No worries, thanks for the quick reply. There's quite a few mistakes on the Hearts website so not surprised they got that one wrong!
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