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  1. Having looked at the other threads there have been n+1 pkms added, sir.
  2. They are not gonna fix this issue till Tuesday that is for sure. It has been going on since the last edition. We were promised they would fix the unrealistic movement and lack of through balls in FM19, they didn’t do it in order to do a proper job for FM20 but they didn’t so anything about it. In case there is no patch that makes the ME realistic (not 100 percent but fun at least like in FM18) i am not buying this game this year. Shame as it would be 2 years in a row without FM because i barely played with it last season due to the awful ME but i’m not throwing out money like last season!
  3. Hello Mods, These improvements for the ME are great, I really hope they will be successful! Can you please shed lights on whether there is work in progress regarding through balls? Unfortunately the last edition of the game was very off-balance in terms of creating chances and now I am considering if I should purchase FM20 but I would like to gather as much information as I can on areas that are the most important for me: - Through balls/Playmaker involvement/Player movement and decision making - Issues with too much long shots instead of moving the ball around in the final third. - Cross field passes from fullback to fullback, lack of penetration. Also I would like to ask whether these fixes will be applied on the 19th Nov. PS: I really loved the ME in FM18 and hope something similar will reappear after the disappointment of last season! Thank you for you reply in advance! Best regards
  4. Cheers Hugo, I (we) hope that it is going to be a matter of weeks rather than months, it is a shame though as at the moment I cannot play. Thanks for your reply though. Cheers
  5. Hey guys! Can you provide an estimated time when the through ball issues will be corrected to some extent? I would love to play the game but with the lack of penetration from AMCs and attacking wide players result in no chance creation in the final third and it makes me unable to play the game since the purchase. looking forward to your reply!
  6. Please SI guys make the ME better quickly as I purchased the game but at the moment it is unplayable for me (and for lots of people who want to play a similar style to mine). I loved the defence splitting balls of FM18, there was an unpredictability factor in the final third but at the moment it is impossible to work the ball into the box and create chances. Also, the number of blocked shots is immense, i’ve had games with 10-12 blocked shots from the opposition. Love the job you are doing but this is a game breaking issue and must be fixed ASAP!
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