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  1. I put the original, the light skin & work the space version 1.31 versions in my skins & this worked for me.
  2. Loving the new Darker version it's very clean, thank you.
  3. Just a heads up mate, I tried the download link & I got a virus warning come up.
  4. I bought the In Game Editor & it is only showing on my Beta save. I tried 3 different times to start new saves & it does not show up. I have made sure the box is ticked in the preferences section & still no luck. If anyone could help me resolve this I would be grateful.
  5. Thank you for the skin, lovely in game & very fresh looking.
  6. Two days & no feedback at all, very disappointing Sports Interactive.
  7. Just got a new laptop so purchased FM19 everything all set up & not the best at tactics so downloaded one I like the look of. I know things have changed this year as far as loading tactics & I am having problems loading up anything. Every time I go to load up from the tactics file or Steam I get this message.'This file could not be imported' would be grateful for any help with this.
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