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  1. This is again a personal feeling here: what I usually appreciate about FM is how the ratings are not boosted or demolished based on a few good/bad months. Which is what usually happens in other games. Of course, I am not trying to change your mind here; just stating my opinion on a player (as a Juve fan, btw!). I feel like Dybala's stats based on this should be boosted a lot, as he was amazing last season. But I read his PA was dropped? Also, was Locatelli's PA improved? I feel like he's been consistently performing and improving for a while now, might become a world-class player in
  2. I agree with you very much. I feel like it is an issue of manager/playstyle not fitting him, and that he's not lacking determination or work rate. Maybe lower adaptability would make sense (along with poor relationship with the manager), but I feel like judging a player based on a bad year (or rather, 8 months) is a bit harsh.
  3. I solved the issue in another way, as symlinks didn't seem to work for me the first time I tried (with fm19 on steam). I just added the launcher to the Steam library and added the launching options from there. Works pretty well.
  4. Is there any way to edit the game's user data folder? I happen to have a very full C: drive, and the graphics files are just too big.
  5. I did try something like that, although with a WB(s) instead of FB(a) and BBM instead of CMde. The problem was with Zaniolo staying definitely too wide all the time, and not getting in the middle switching place with Dybala. SS is a tricky role, because it often does exactly what I want offensively, but then is defensively lacking. In this case I'd want him to defend as a RM, but in the case of Ajax's 4231 (very similar to Ten Hag's), for example, I'd like Van de Beek to be the first man to press and then drop and defend as a CM. With Ajax I also can't replicate Frenkie dropping as a LCB
  6. I played a couple of matches with something fairly similar (I did not however put the "close down more" instruction) at the beginning of the season, and the results were not stellar. Not terrible, but far from what I got after I adjusted it again to a back 4. Sure, this is a "messing around" save where I play multiple teams (also Ajax) just for the hell of it, and exploit delations in payment and unrealistic moves (Higuain won the Balon d'Or and was bought for ~90M) to build a dream team. So results are definitely not because of an unbeatable tactic. But switching Pavard back to FB
  7. Yes, what I posted is, like, the thousand's iteration of an experiment, the one that ended up giving me the best results (winning the champions league with a crazy goal difference and dominating basically every match). However, my post here is just to try and find out if there's a way to switch between a 4 and 3 men defense freely in this game, without resorting to the DM/CM dropping deep. For example, how would you organize players so that, after losing the ball and not managing to win it back through the first pressing (done by players close to the ball), they lineup like this?
  8. So, concerning this, I tried something similar in the past: shifting Pavard to RCB and playing without RB. As you probably have seen from your own experiment, what happens is that, once you have the ball again, the RCB still acts as a CB, basically leaving holes in the right flank. In build up it's perfect, of course, but you don't get the defensive solidity of a back 4 (nor of a back 5).
  9. So, first of all, here's a screenshot of my tactic at this moment: As you can see, Pavard is the right back/right center back. Of course, he doesn't have PPMs that brings him that much out of the defense, while that space should be filled by Milinkovic-Savic (even though he's mostly in the half space). A similar scheme works also with Pogba as a left Mezzala, a conservative LB and an offensive RB. This has been successful so far, even if the build up ends up working with Tonali dropping between the CBs. I haven't tried this same setup with a double pivot system yet, and that ac
  10. Hey there everybody, I'm here to talk to you about a tactical solution that has been pretty common in modern football, but seems to be quite hard to replicate in Football Manager. I'm talking about systems that build up play with 3 at the back, but defend with a 4 men backline. Some IRL examples What you might think of immediately is the "Salida lavolpiana", which is of course easy to implement: you have a half back or a playmaker (with the "pass it the ball to the playmaker" instruction on), who will drop between the centerbacks and allow the 3 men build-up to happen. Also, the
  11. On FM19 I am trying to build something inspired by (not exactly replicating) Ten Haag's Ajax that almost reached the Champions' League final. I am struggling with the midfield, as I would like my three (future?) stars, De Jong, Gravenberch (who's grown a lot, on my second year) and Van de Beek to perform at their best. Here is what I am envisioning: De Jong would, ideally, be the one that starts building up play. He comes back deep, even forming a line with the defense when needed, and has my CBs, (left) full back and even Onana as passing alternatives when pressed. When he can
  12. So, I'm managing Juve in a save and Ajax in another one. Both are playing 4-2-3-1 and I'm trying to suit my tactic to my players. I play very attacking football, with a mix of gegenpressing and possession control (Juve) and simple gegenpressing (Ajax). For Ajax, Dolberg plays as a lone striker. What role do you think suits him the most? I was thinking about complete forward. For Juve, i have Pellegri as my backup complete forward, while Kean can both play as a striker or inside forward. Which role would you play Pellegri in, as a striker? He's very strong physically and has good
  13. At the moment, Gravenberch is not at his potential peek (I'm sure about it cause he's very young and supposed to have a very high potential; I'm at the first season). I'll see if his general trend is up in Jan and keep you update.
  14. I'm managing different teams, Juve, Ajax and PSG, and using different training systems; however, I notice some players' attributes (most of them, the technical ones in particular) randomly decreasing. Said players are not necessarily on their prime (i.e.: Gravenberch on his first season), and most of them are training with 9+ rating. I let the coaches handle training, with a little hand from me (just one or two super light sessions more on not so busy days). Ajax is playing a gegenbased tactic, Juve a possession control based. I don't really know what to do, is it a bug? It's fr
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