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  1. i dont use it ( GeForce Experience ). You dont have the game optimized for all resolutions. I have a full HD monitor and the game is sharply displayed in only 4k resolution... I wrote about it in the previous post, but no one here is reading it... The game costs enough money and cant be played! Now is February and repair is nowhere. I am very disappointed and it will be my last FM after 12 years... This year's game is the worst all the time
  2. Can i change font in this skin? Thank you
  3. the problem is, in my opinion, the original resolution of the game.. 3840x2160 DSR (screen) wtf??!! i have only Full HD Monitor with 1920x1080 (24" AOC i2481FXH). When the game doesnt optimize the game is sharp but very big in the resolution (3840x2160 DSR). How to fix it? Why I have 4k resolution as default on FULL HD monitor?
  4. I'm sending new information!. I download and install Nvidia Experience and current setting has resolution DSR 3840x2160 (screen). I optimalized this setup on 1980x1080 ..but it did not help :(....... Any news? I also send a picture of my HW..
  5. There is a very poor access to a customer who has been playing for more than 10 years...I will probably return the poor support of the game and I will not buy again!
  6. yes i have same problem..
  7. How does it look like a problem? Something news? I will help you to fix it as quickly as possible...
  8. Thank you, please fix it! We can playing the game at last (I bought this game in November ...)
  9. I try new skin .. with dark background and other font (google.. ) but i have still blurry font. see picture
  10. exactly, the font is read. I dont agree, but the sharp font is definitely not. Bad read and easy to tear... In previous years, we were fine on the same machine!!
  11. I stream game from my PC to my Notebook and blurring does not occur on the notebook... Only my PC i text bad quality and blurred . Please help me
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