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  1. for comparison, Melbourne City, Melb Victory, Sydney and Wanderers have 5500 reputation; Adelaide and Brisbane have 5250; Perth have 5300; Jets 5100; Mariners and Phoenix 4900 and 4800 respectively.
  2. Hey, I got davie77 to help with the expansion for me (Western Melbourne 2019-2020, Macarthur South West United, 2020-2021) see below: SWWM.fmf All he done was the registration dates for the new expansion teams (You can ask him about that because I have no clue on how he did it), I done the info for the teams. All I did was: - Reputation - 5000 for both teams - Mile Jedinak joins Macarthur when they join the league - Scott Brown joins Western Melbourne when they join the league - filled out names (as of 26 of Jan), used colour scheme from there logos (Macarthur's official and Western Melbourne unofficial by avox_designs on Instagram), added there stadiums and gave them $3,000,000 in transfer budget. The new teams tend to always sign A-League quality teams before there entrance into the A-League. Of course you are welcome to change anything. For logos, I found that the megapack over at fmscout has the all the Australian team logos apart from: - Canterbury Bankstown FC, Weston Molonglo FC, Vikings FC Alice Springs, Southern Tablelands United, Somerville Eagles, Narrabundah FC, Mount Barker United, Gympie United, Glenroy Lions, Canberra White Eagles, Brisbane Athletic, Brindabella United, BITS FC, Belwest, Belnorth, Belsouth FC and Baxter SC. Can't wait to try out V1.0!
  3. I added the Nix instead of Tassie for you. I don't know much about WA NPL and also most competitions in Australia (including A-League) I believe have no prize money. EAL - 2.fmf
  4. Thanks for opening this thread, I was wondering if it is possible to register a team for my league in the 2019-2020 and another one for the 2020-2021 season. My aim is to add Western Melbourne FC for the 2019-2020 season and add Macarthur South West United FC for the 2020-2021 season to replicate what is happening in real life for the Hyundai A-League. The file is attached below. South West & West Melb 2019.fmf
  5. Hey man! the NPL is not perfect this was just rushed for me and others to play. I removed the Phoenix cause I wanted it to be Aussie only and also there is no prize money couldn't basically I couldn't be ****ed.
  6. Hey man, FYI NewFM don't sponsor the Northern League One anymore.
  7. Here is my Northern NSW League System (2018) down to Tier 7 of NNSW Football. Only has correct teams, stadiums (to tier 2 of NNSW football), competition names, uniforms, colours and i have changed a few reputations. I added promotion/relegation to the tiers as in real-life teams have to 'bid' on what competition they are in from Zone Premier League down. (example. East Maitland FC could be in Zone League 2 in 2018 but in 2019 could be in Zone Prem League). Leagues: - NPL NNSW - Northern State League 1 - Zone Premier League - Zone League 1 - Zone League 2 - Interdistrict All Age A - Interdistrict All Age B Name changes - Maitland Junior FC to East Maitland FC - Charlestown Junior FC to Charlestown FC Goodluck. Zone League.fmf
  8. Hey A-League fans have I got something for you! Have you ever wanted an expanded a-league on Football Manager but have never been able to find one online? Well your in luck. In this expansion of the A-league you will have: - Wellington Pheonix removed - Wollongong Wolves, South West Sydney FC, Canberra United, Tasmania United, Gold Coast FC, Cairns FC & South Melbourne all added to the A-League bringing the total to 16 teams. - All NPL competitions added - NPL 1 - WA, SA, TAS, VIC, ACT, NSW, NNSW & QLD - NPL 2 - VIC, NSW & QLD - NPL 3 - VIC & NSW - Updated FFA Cup - A-League Finals from 6 to 8 teams - National Premier Leagues Finals Series. - World Class players such as David Villa, Mark Milligan & Mile Jedinak have been added to expansion teams - Amount of foreign players allowed in teams have been upped from 5 to 7 (still want to keep some Australian-ness abouth the league) - NO SALARY CAP!! - Updated Youth League You can find this attached to the post. Enjoy! (feel free to ask any questions) Expanded A-League.fmf
  9. Sorry mate can't help you on that one. Goodluck in the future though.
  10. Hey, there is no possible way to edit the stadium appearance yourself, the only way it will change is having different capacities. There might be something on FM scout or something like that website that might have custom stadium editor, etc but I highly doubt it. Goodluck!
  11. Hello John, can you please explain further. Are you trying to transfer editor data to another computer? If so, use a usb or send it to yourself via email.
  12. Hi, I am making the Australian National Premier Leagues playable down to the 4th tier and I am have been struck with a problem which I don't understand. It states, "Number of teams in playoff (1) from competition National Premier Leagues Victoria - 2 should be divisible by the number of sub-competitions (3)." I don't get that it is saying that NPL Vic -2 should be divisible by sub-competitions because NPL Vic - 2 is a sub-competition. Someone please help and I am happy to explain further.
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