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  1. I am working on a system that replicates the real Australian System at the moment as their is no real promotion relegation between different regions/zones, only city north/south/east/west division which are doable in the editor. So stay posted. It won't be completed for a while, but once I have the first version completed, I'll make a new thread for it.
  2. You are more than welcome to have a look and try, I'm unsure which is which, but in the original post I've linked 12 different saves and tries down to tier 3 concerning the regional pro/rel. It seems no matter what I try a team ends up in the wrong division.
  3. I will do something for Australia next FM, but it won't be something like this feed. I was thinking a replica of the actual system in Australia since their isn't too much regional promotion/relegation which would make is easier. Or maybe something completely fantasy like each state is their own nation with own leagues. Depending on factors I may have something done next year.
  4. This is excellent! I admire the time you've taken to implement this, very inspiring. I'll definitely have a go next FM.
  5. Not too far off the the Alpha 1.0 release. The only aspect I have left is the promotion relegation between all the division, it has been a nightmare to figure out. Worst case scenario, There's only the A-League, The Championship and NPL divisions. I will release something before this month EDIT: The process of having to create hundreds of new teams and competitions took up a majority of this month EDIT 2: Finished the A-League, The Championship, NPL and FFA Cup (simplified) all verified. If I'm unable to figure out how to correctly add the pro/rel to the NSL and NSL 2 by the 28th, I'll have the most up-to-date one loaded for your enjoyment.
  6. The date range set for the A-League is Oct (year offset 0) to May (y.o 1). The season update day I've set to is 17 September. So the A-League finishes well before the season update. Keep in mind that I'm completely re-doing the Australian System so I have started from stratch.
  7. Hey fellas, First crack at the advance editor so don't mind my stupidity. But I can't seem to find a fix for this problem. The error states "A-League has not finished in time for season update day 16/9/21" - see below. I've already checked to see if the season period and the season update day clash, they don't. I'm assuming that it has something to do with a stage/competition end date of some sort but I can't find anything that fixes it (fiddled around with fixture date and times tabs but that doesn't help. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! (.fmf file below) (WIP) Revised Australian League System - 1.fmf Cheers, Boofhead54.
  8. Cheers for the feedback, much appreciated. In terms of the Sydney divisions, I tried to fill the gap between the NSL 3 (existing NPL 4) and the many, many association premier leagues. I used the image attached (made myself so it's potential fairly inaccurate), with the shaded associations to VAGUELY implement teams into divisions/'new' associations. A list for each in below. (feel free to suggest new names as the existing ones where the first that came to mind - now looking at the names, "Inner West" is a pretty inappropriate name). Also please keep in mind that the the 8th tier and below will be one of the last added, so the development is in very early stages. NORTH Central Coast Central Coast Football North Sydney North West Sydney Football Northern Suburbs Football Association Manly-Warringah Football Association WEST Inner West Southern Districts Soccer Football Association Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association Macarthur Macarthur District Soccer Football Association West Sydney & Hills Hills Football Association Blacktown & Districts Soccer Football Association Nepean Football Association SOUTH Illawarra Football South Coast South Sydney St. George Football Association Sutherland Shire Football Association East Sydney Bankstown District Amateur Football Association Canterbury & Districts Soccer Football Association Eastern Suburbs Football Association
  9. I will be making it so teams have assigned regional division so they are put in the correct division when promoted/relegated. The only issue is amount of teams per division, which I'll fix by having an 'unlimited' amount of max/min teams allowed per division. Hopefully the divisions shouldn't develop crazy and unrealistic amount of teams (like 2 or 25 per division) and should hover between 8-14 depending on what league is in question. Currently in the progress of sorting teams into their respective leagues, should start the nation rules soon and an alpha version released sometime September.
  10. Okay, I'll give that a crack. I'll let you know if it doesn't work
  11. Yea, I was wondering (based on stadium longitude/latitude), If there is a method for the game to reorganise the leagues for each season based on their said position (East/West, North/South, etc). The method AQ described is not detailed enough for inter-city regional leagues as per se.
  12. Hey mate, Cheers for the extensive response. The problem though, is the regional leagues I'm intending to create are for the same city (i.e., East Melbourne League and West Melbourne League). Unsure if you would be able to help with that, thanks again.
  13. G'day, I was wondering if I can organise regional divisions based on the longitude and latitude of a clubs stadium For example: Lets say that two clubs from the top division are and placed into two regional divisions (east and west) and two teams are promoted into each division (total of four between the 2 divisions). Is there the ability in the advance editor so that the league is reorganised so that clubs are sorted in the regional divisions based on the precise location of the clubs' stadium? Any help and recommendations would be helpful.
  14. If you could do that, that would be great. Are their any limitations on what data can and cannot be moved from FM21 to FM22?
  15. AS OF 23/08/2021 ALPHA 1.0 TO BE RELEASED SOON (see below) UPDATE (Please read): I've underestimated how sophisticated and complicated the Australian football system is, let alone this version I've made of it. This is absolutely doing my head in with the advanced editor and dynamic relegation, certain league stages, history, etc. Although during this project I've learnt a lot (spent about 35 hours total on it), I'm still very inexperienced with the advance editor and not yet skilled enough/have the time to implement the idea that I have below. I'm only up to tier 4 and still no cup comps yet and is very, very, unpolished. The drive I originally had has gone, so please expect the worse, hope for the best. May or may not have another crack next year at something for Australia as I feel managing in Australia with the vanilla game get's very boring after 3 or 4 seasons. I've went through 12 iterations of it, here they are below: RALS - Save 1.fmf RALS - Save 2.fmf RALS - Save 3.fmf RALS - Save 4.fmf RALS - Save 5.fmf RALS - Save 6.fmf RALS Save 7.fmf RALS 8.fmf RALS 9.fmf RALS 10.fmf RALS 11.fmf RALS 12.fmf I pretty sure 1-9 are playable to an extent and a couple of them work quite well with only a few minor issues and 1 major realism issue thats definitely still playable (promotion/relegation between The Championship and NPL, apparently regional divisions mean nothing :/). 10-11 are a little broken and 12 is completely f*cked (by this point I had enough). If you have the time feel free to test them out. *Make sure to follow this thread or turn on thread notifications so you don't miss any updates* The Tier System is listed below (HERE FOR DETAILED VIEW: PYRAMID -Australian Pyramid.xlsx, LEAGUES W/ CLUBS -Leagues and Teams.xlsx) Tier 1 A-League Tier 2 The Championship Tier 3 (National Premier Leagues) NPL Northern Conference - QLD and NT NPL Eastern Conference - NSW, ACT and NNSW NPL Southern Conference - VIC and TAS NPL South Australia NPL Western Australia Tier 4 (National State Leagues) NSL Queensland NSL Northern Territory NSL Northern NSW NSL New South Wales NSL Capital Football NSL Victoria NSL Tasmania NSL South Australia NSL Western Australia Listed below are what level each state goes down to: Queensland (Tier 10) Northern Territory (Tier 4) Northern NSW (Tier 10) New South Wales (Tier 12) Capital Football (Tier 6) Victoria (Tier 11) Tasmania (Tier 6) South Australia (Tier 12) Western Australia (Tier 10) Cheers, Boofhead54.
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