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  1. Yea good shout, I'll definitely be up to help you with anything you need. Chuck a message and tell me what u need and I'll be right onto it (logo pack, squads, update in leagues, etc)
  2. AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL SYSTEM FULLY PLAYABLE FOR FM21 Contributors: Boofhead54 If you would like to stay updated, make sure to follow this thread located in the top right of the page! My goal is to create a complete Australian football system pyramid completely playable in Football Manager 2021 with as much detail as possible and I want it to be released as soon as possible. I also would like the community to get involved. I have created this thread for anyone that wishes to join me and help me on this journey to create the best, most accurate Australian football file
  3. Thats odd, it should work. What database update have you loaded? (Football Manager 2020, 20.3.0 Update, or 20.4.0 Update) I suggest you try it with all of them. Tell me how you go
  4. Have you tried to see if other databases load? Do other databases show or is it just that particular one?
  5. how the **** did I forget to link it, here it is: fantasy tier 3 Australia 002.fmf
  6. I don't have access to my laptop today so I couldn't get anything done sorry. The Royal League worked for me? What leagues do you have loaded, what editor data do you have enabled and what database update do you have loaded?
  7. Royal League is completed as requested! It's currently 11:30pm in Australia so I'll do the Atlantic Cup tomorrow. Have fun! Royal League.fmf
  8. Here you go, all Youth Ratings for nations set at 120 Youth Rating all 120.fmf
  9. Lebanon in mine is 57, so I don't think that would be any use to you. So, as you want an unpredictable save with the youth of nations, would you like every nation to have the same youth rating? If so, would you like every nation to be OP AF (Max (200), YA), or a high YA (120), medium (95) or low (60), or just complete trash (0). Your pick
  10. G'day @Ayrefik I've already made one, here's the link to the thread: Tell me what type of 'improvements' you would like to these youth ratings, (e.g. would you like all teams to reduce their ratings, or would you just like the top teams to be reduced). Cheers.
  11. In this, is Australia and the A-League in AFC or OFC? Because I would rather them in AFC like in real life
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