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  1. Multiple times recently I have had clear goals ruled out for offside. What happens usually is that one of my strikers is near the ball when it goes in but was not interfering with play at all and didn't even touch the ball on its way into the goal. Incidents like this have cost me games recently, with my most recent game being a 2-1 loss where a last minute equalizer for my team was incorrectly ruled out. Here's the scenario: my winger swings in a cross that hits one of their defenders and goes in for an own goal, then what happens? The goal is ruled out because my striker behind their defender, not touching or interfering with him at all was offside. This is absurd. There was another case where one of my players scored an absolute screamer from outside the box only for it to be ruled out for offside, the game pointing to one of my players who was standing at least four or five yards away from the ball as it went in and had turned to watch it fly in. He was nowhere near the goalkeeper, and was not blocking his view at all or affecting any of the defenders in front of him. In real life obviously match officials can make judgement on whether a player was interfering with play or not based on a number of factors. Computers cannot make these decisions. Clearly the game is set-up in a way where players are either registered 'active' or 'inactive' depending on where they are in relation to the ball as it goes in. This system clearly doesn't work as shown in my examples where the game got it wrong in a way that no real life official would. Why not just make it so the game only calls offside when a player in a offside position actually touches the ball. It's clear from my experience playing the game that players rarely act smart enough to effect the game off the ball, so why make the system needlessly complicated to accommodate for scenarios that never happen? Especially when it's resulting in mistakes like the ones I've mentioned happening to me. It just seems ridiculous, but hopefully they fix it soon.
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