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  1. Experiencing a very frustrating, game-breaking bug/glitch on FM 2019 Online. Me and 2 friends have 2 online saves where we all manage different clubs in the same division. Everything works fine until we play each other. After submitting our teams at 0:00 or at any random point during the game, it will freeze and neither player can continue. It states "waiting for adam e.g" even though he is clicking play/continue and I am doing the same. We are forced to quit the game and load up the last save and keep repeating this process till it finally lets the game run. Sometimes this takes about 5/6 attempts. Its usually after a pause - it lets neither player click continue/play. Me and my friends have highly-capable PC's so we believe this to be a issue on FM's side. In addition to this, their is another bug. If I don't have a game on the same day as my friend, I like to spectate his match. However, I somehow see different events to him, someone will score a free kick on my screen and it will be 1-0 however this hasn't happened on his and its 0-0. I watch a complete different version of the game. It also sometimes freezes and doesn't let him continue the match unless I leave the game. Hoping to get some help with these very frustrating issues.
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