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  1. The first things I did in my early days at United were giving De Gea and Martial their new contracts. I don't want to lose De Dea at any price. For Right Back problem, I signed Kimmich from BM for 80m (expensive but it worths). I've given Andreas Pereira a chance and he's done too well against small teams with his set-piece. The problem is his stats are poor. But he's from the Academy so I don't want to sell him (or I don't need to).
  2. I planned to sell him in 2 or 3 years after I bought some good defenders. He has been a good rotation option in early seasons but even now I don't want to sell him (at least in third season). He has Home-Grown and if I sell him the fans and other players would become unhappy. Below is my other CB, Smalling wanted a new challenge so I happily let him go to Juventus. Then Real Maldrid swooped in and gave me an offer I could not refuse (44m for Lindelof - 30.5m upfront). The only CB I want atm is De Ligt but Chelsea won't sell him easily.
  3. I don't know how but Phil Jones's become a beast in my save. He was my favourite a few years ago but I didn't expect this when I started FM19. Always got 9 - 10 Training rating, almost injury-free in 2.5 seasons, scores a few goal from corners and no major mistake.
  4. About 120M £ (I finished 3rd in PL, CL Champion, Carabao Cup Champion, FA Cup runner-up) . I got Savic for 80m in 1st offer.
  5. I would sell him right away. He wants to move and the price is high. I've been through my 1st season. He's the team's top goal scorer but I would sell him for 90mil+.
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