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  1. Thanks for the advice. I found the change to a Ball playing defender for one of the centre backs and also a Sweeper keeper changed to support made a hell of a difference. It seemed to give me a bit more movement to play through the press, so did not have to make too many changes to the overall tactic.
  2. Hi, I was after some advice around beating a high press. My tactic has been rather successful but played last night and encountered a lower league team that put a high press on my side and basically pinned me deep inside my own half, first time I really have encountered this and its really bugged me how I play around it. There high press leaves a lot of space in behind them but can't seem to get the right combination of instructions to take advantage of the space. Any suggestions ? My Tactic details below, I played against a 4-2DM-3-1 Formation and the front 4 along with the 2 x DM's really pinned my side on the edge of my own box.
  3. I suggest watching some of the talented streamers play the game. I found it a great help and good way to see how others play the game. I used to be a plug and play tactic person however last year on FM18 I finally got stuck into building my own tactics and the key to success was keeping it simple. I managed to take Colchester to the Premiership however what was more enjoyable was building the tactic that got me the success rather than winning the leagues. This year with the new changes I have struggled a bit and kept restarting my saves. I think its more down to playing as the club I support and getting emotional about it (Those losses hurt a bit more) Anyways after restarting my new save I have found concentrating on the 1% gains has helped me a lot. For me these are using in game shouts to motivate the players (Never really used them before) and also using the training for up and coming matches. For example my team struggled on defending set pieces so I made sure they worked on them as part of match preparation.
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