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  1. Any word on this? I have set ups with similar determination levels in previous football manager games and I never saw drops like this...on the contrary players would generally tend to improve their determination. Antonio Marin dropped to 12 determination and now has the tied lowest determination in the squad with Dejan Joveljic. How does that work if the average is much higher? They are not in any tutoring groups.
  2. I'm getting very steep determination drops on my players due to general squad characteristics that are kind of confusing considering that Determination does generally not drop below 13 in my squad. Determination was a lot higher for a lot of players in that second screenshot so the average is actually a bit skewed. Is this normal this year? Could someone explain what's happening? My coaching staff also has decent determination stats as well.
  3. In my save Serbia entered the European union in 2021. There is a foreign player limit of four in the league which has now been expanded to not include EU players. The thing is I have Croatian, Czech and Spanish players in my team that still have the non-EU foreign player tag attached to them and I can't use them in my line up. These players are under 18 if that makes any difference. Anyone have any idea what's up?
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