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  1. @Colorado not sure if this one belongs here or elsewhere, but I have seen new articles that Cardiff Met are in takeover discussions. Surely that wouldn't be happening in real life, so is there any way to prevent it taking place in-game? Note, this happened in April 2022 with the Met still in the CP.
  2. Thanks for the comments! I can understand that making feature changes for the small number of University clubs wouldn't be a high priority for the team. I'll probably play around with the team in the database (maybe bring back Inter Cardiff) and have some fun that way. The other comments about the Irish/Scottish University teams are interesting, will probably check them out as well at some point in my career!
  3. He is! I'm pretty sure I read that he is studying for a PGCE which should explain his age. In the 2015 game, I edited Cardiff Met to start the game in the Welsh Premier as a full-time professional club to have a rival to TNS. Come Friday, I think I might just tweak the attendance settings for the team (unless SI do it before then) to be more reflective of reality, and maybe bump some player attributes up a notch or two to match the mid-table teams. Hopefully I can keep them from being relegated long enough to get them to full-time professional status. Either that, or I add in some lower Welsh leagues. Would be interesting to hear from SI to see if University clubs are naturally limited in some way.
  4. Stemming from some conversations in the Wales Data Issues thread, I'm just wondering how University clubs are set to work in the game? Are they hard encoded to remain amateur throughout the game (unless changed in the Editor), and can they have any genuine hope of making progress through the leagues if they are restricted in this way? I'm wonder as Cardiff Metropolitan University are currently doing really well in the Welsh Premier, holding a comfortable mid-table position with the potential to fight for European qualification at the end of the season. In the game, they are perennially stuck in the relegation zone. Are the reputations/facilities of University teams being accurately represented? Although they might be amateur, surely the players have as much training time as part-time players would do, and the facilities are probably just as good as other lower league clubs (especially in the Welsh Premier or Scottish lower leagues). Interested to see what people think.
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