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  1. Portugal seems to have no restrictions apart from max 50 player squad, no more than 30 over 19 players, as well as the standard minimum 8 players trained in nation for 3 years.
  2. Much obliged, people; decided to go for Inter. They have an extensive South American contingent already, and although the Italian rules are rather limiting, it should prove to be quite fun.
  3. I'm looking to build a European based team using mostly South Americans; which league would be best for such an undertaking? I was thinking of Portugal. I know Russia and Ukraine also worthy candidates. Any alternatives?
  4. I agree that the system could do with an update. Transfers in modern football are often quite dramatic and protracted affairs. I would like to see more of Bale-to-Madrid style transfer sagas in FM.
  5. Indeed! A huge problem this the media aspect of FM is lack of variety as well as style. The headlines, for instance, are not snappy enough, and do not convey the spirit of social mass media. Descriptions of football matches and events are often absurdly comical a la "Nefarious Northern Ireland!".
  6. The selling mechanism needs improvement. I had to sell Lacina Traore (value around 10 Million euros). Only Schalke made an offer. I had to sell him for around 4.8 Million. A season later, after making about 8 and hardly scoring appearances for Schalke , I discovered that he had moved to PSG for 18 Million...
  7. You're correct, of course. What I meant to convey that Ronaldo's comments after the game (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/manchester-united/5398293/Manchester-United-v-Barcelona-Cristiano-Ronaldo-blames-tactics-for-Rome-defeat.html) had a much greater weight because of the immensity of the occasion and the increased public exposure. At the moment FM does not convey the significance of such occasions. If Bayern were to lose the final today, the negative fallout would be immense, much more so than most other games. In FM there is no such thing. If we win the CL in FM as Dortmund, all we get by the way of reaction is several messages about the chairman and fans. Where is the hype? Where is the increased exposure? Where is the inflated interest in our players? Lewandowski scores 4 goals against Real and suddenly Real are interested in buying him. Winning CL as Dortmund should be a double-edged sword. Continental competitions are massively important in modern football.
  8. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/366335/Champions-League-surpasses-Super-Bowl Don't they have TV's in South America? I take it part of the reason so many Brazilians play for, say, Shakhtar Donetsk is regular CL football.
  9. The point is, CL has a big impact on the footballing world.
  10. Besides, the CL has much more impact on the perception of football than other club matches. Berbatov and Rooney both became dissatisfied partially because they were left out important CL matches. Ronaldo's fate at Man Utd was also decided when he vented his frustration after Man Utd lost the CL final. SAF often spoke of how difficult it was making team selection during the latter stages of CL, considering that some players would have to be left out. Gareth Bale's reputation shot through the roof after his hattrick against Inter. This season the battle for the last CL spot in the Prem eclipsed the title race! The list continues! So it's not as if the difference between CL and other matches is purely superficial. It should make more of an impact on gameplay. SI need to represent this in game.
  11. Precisely! They do stand out, both commercially and aesthetically! If Barca lose a match in the league, the fallout is rather limited compared to when they lose in CL. M.U.F.C: I agree about imagination, but I also want the best of both worlds, as it were.
  12. For quite long time now, I have been disappointed with how FM fails to convey the spectacle, glamour and excitement that is the hallmark of Champions League. Whilst I understand that it is rather difficult to recreate the pulsating drama of it all, I think FM can do a better job. To give you a concrete example of how underwhelming things are at the moment, yesterday my third season Anzhi side played Barcelona. It was our debut season in CL, and only our second CL match ever. We were obviously underdogs in the tie, and when David Villa scored on 15 minutes to give Barca an early lead, it looked like field day for the visiting Catalans. However, we held fast, and a goal from a corner gave us a fighting chance. Energized by my half-time talk, the team gave a battling display after the break. Our keeper's heroic saves kept us in contention, and when Samuel Eto'o came off the bench deep in to second half to score a dramatic winner against his former club... "Anzhi stood firm to deny Barcelona". Eh? That's not a fitting assessment of what had occurred! I felt really deflated when all I saw in the way of post-match reaction, was the dreary "Anzhi stand firm to deny Barcelona" article! No mention of the Eto'o drama; not a word regarding the newcomers vs the elite; no commotion at all! There needs to be more immersion and excitement when it comes to CL matches; some kind of way in which they stand apart from other matches in FM, as they do in real life.
  13. Have a look at this -- http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/353123-How-to-follow-a-tournament
  14. This is a well-documented issue with Russian football. People seem in to be apathetic towards it. In fact, I'd wager that Russian Premier League has the lowest attendance in proportion to money invested of all the major European competitions. Part of the problem is culture and lack of efficiency when organizing matches. Fans often have to endure long ques when attending matches, as well as being kept behind at the stadium after the game has finished in order to minimize the friction between the fans. In the cold months of late autumn and early spring this does not encourage attendance. Russia is also a somewhat of a pessimistic country, so that does not help either.
  15. I am also looking for the answer to this.
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