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  1. Ок, can u make change rule - 8 foreign player in application for a season, this rule announced for RFLP https://tass.ru/sport/4842676
  2. 2 weeks to check rule? Are u serious? ATM I really want to refund for this game. Buy it on release date, and can't play it, coz u need 2 weeks to check rule!
  3. Use L (button) go to ur B squad, click on player u want to promote, then use R (button) and u got commands menu in right part of screen, then u need to scroll this menu up (its allways open scrolled down), and now u can promote this player to A squad by command.
  4. Here is link to wiki, and translate. Please fix the rule, league really unplayable at this moment. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Чемпионат_России_по_футболу_2017/2018#Лимит_на_легионеров
  5. Please correct RFPL rule. It not 6 foreign players in application for a match, but 6 foreign players at same time in a pitch. League is unplayable at this moment.
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