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  1. Hey bro, I dont found your shared in fmbasecouk get 155 scored 112 points Man Utd. tactic. Wheres bro ?
  2. Try change to position mc and st in throw attack tactic, maybe work it
  3. Ow looks great scores 136 - 19 . Do you use which tweaks bro ? Throw Corner Freekick ?
  4. Im finished second season. I used Knap + Giraffin + TFF tweak on Half Season. Results are soooooooo gooooooood especially CL Final 34 games 3 lost 4 drew 27 won. I lost but im better than other teams, 2 games I early get red card and I failed Goalkeeper they goalkeeper rated 7.7 really annoying ! Turkish Cup Semi Final is work accident I dont understand hows eliminated 4 shoots 4 goall Im lucky for CL Draws this is very helped me and team really good play.My team finance is bad, no transfer budget because FFP in my club so I loan a lot of sale players in big club and I sold my old squat get earn some money.Im looking always scouting and player search in big teams for loan. Cheap wage and best performance ! My success this method and nice tactic !Thanx for Knap, Giraffin and TFF !
  5. I agree, me too not winning change they are positions and i get positive reactions. Generally i choose left foot right area, right foot left area, my season almost done and i will share good match results later. Thnx knap and dreambuilder.
  6. Hey bro i use griffin tweak AMR and AML which foot ? AMR left foot AML right foot or another ?
  7. I try a lot of tactics two week and im continue trying, this game is so bad not work anyting tactic
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