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  1. I will not pre-order the next release for the first time after loads of years. Unfortunately, I gave up on FM2020 and uninstalled it after 135h of gameplay. (which is 1/4 of I generally make) Will definitely wait for the feedback and probably wait for some patches before I buy it... Instead, I am going to dig in to strategy this fall with the likes of CK III & potentially Humankind :)
  2. First of all let me say : with the introduction of each patch, the game gets to a better state. Even with a slow pace, you are trying to reach there. But why is that so?? I mean, you made 2019 playable after numerous patches and this year we had 2020 full of bugs at release. (and unfortunately still so) For me, games that you release recently (especially the last two versions) were really really buggy. And I am talking about game changing bugs here. Issues like strikers not scoring or attacking movement problems of 2019 / absurd angle shots or 1v1s of 2020. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that you haven't detected those kind of clear issues during testing. So my answer is : either you haven't genuinely detected them (which would be a real concern!) or you detected but didn't have time to eliminate until release. In any case, it seems to me that there is definitely something wrong with your testing team or the testing process. (which needs to be much more efficient) I ask for a very simple thing from you as a consumer : Release a game bug free (or at least at minimum). Personally I prefer to wait more than getting the game at a buggy state. Let me make a small list of issues that I can think of : (these are my opinions & observations only) - First and foremost, I think that the game is VERY easy - 1v1 scoring ratio is extremely low - 1v1 opportunities are very frequent - There are lots of pinball type of ball movements hitting the players again and again (is there a problem regarding ball versus player volumes?) - Too many successful back to defense long passes (which leads to frequent 1v1s and ends with very low 1v1 scoring ratio apparently) - When two players are through on goal, player with the ball almost never pass to more open teammate but shoot - Too many missed penalties - Game seems more generous for the team that has less shots in order just to keep the match exciting (many examples like : shots 37 on target 13 / shots 6 on target 2. Final score 1-1) - As manager, I end up as a favorite person very fast Well, looking at the big picture : Above I said that the game gets better with each patch but I can't help to think "to which extent?" This is a game that I play for more than 20 years (like good amount of you out there) I checked my playing hours at Steam as of 2012. They are mainly above 350h and some close to 450h margin. I see that I have played 2020 for 132h. And I feel cold already. (generally I used to get cold from FM in Feb) FM is a game that I buy in advance every single year. Even with the flaws, this is a great game but I am considering not buying it next year (at least not until patch no.9) Here are some suggestions from a fellow fan : I have no idea about your agenda but I believe that you should take some drastic actions. When you just take a small look at the voice of the community here, behind every discussions and arguments, you would see that there is a consensus about one thing (for a looong time). Poor ME. So, start working on a new ME from scratch, better the graphics (let's not fool ourselves, 3D is not at 2020s level), build a new interface if necessary. There must be brilliant minds out there. Use innovation and ambition to make it happen. You were the pioneers of the genre. You had increased the bar before, make it happen again. Finally, as a faithful consumer and a fan of the series, I sincerely ask you : don't lose me, don't lose long-time consumers & fans like me...because it's where you are heading.
  3. Personally I find this ME much better than the vanilla 2019 version. Here are my two small observations : - When any of my player (mainly striker) or opposition is one-on-one with the goalie, I keep it cool cause I know that the scoring possibility is nigh on impossible... - Too many absurd angle shots (instead of passing/crossing) also erm...not sure what your opinion is but the game seems (again) way less challenging (didn't want to use the *cough* easy terminology)
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before : I like checking my players' development in time and for that I was looking into their attribute changes from time to time at previous editions. There was like 0.2 level changes that you could track at their attribute development panel. (was that the name?) When the attribute changes from let's say 8,4 to 8,6 it showed 9 at profile page. I couldn't see that kind of detail at FM 2020. Maybe I am not looking at the correct page. Can we still see that in FM 2020? (cause at the moment I can't see the decimal detail)
  5. Title of this post : Addiction Even though I know I have it, I try to deny every freakin year but it is official. I am addicted to this game. When they put the game on sale, I said "this is absurd ! how can they do that before even announcing anything !?" Then I was so damn clear & said "no purchase until something interesting comes out" After that I saw the announcement which I am absolutely not happy about. Only the player development section barely stirred something inside Anyway, later on yesterday I bought the game again all of a sudden after all the whining about the announcement and the disappointment with last year's ME. I am a lost case. What is wrong with me !
  6. I had planned to open a topic but changed my mind after seeing this one. Before I start, I must say that I can't understand some of the members ferociously defending the game. Everybody wants the same thing. A stable and logical game which we can have fun. First things first. I am also a fan of the series (like most of you) for more than 20 years and pre-order the game each year without a blink in the eye. (just this year, I waited for pre-order until the announcements as I did not appreciate the fact that SI has launched the pre-order without any hint about the game) When released, I play the game madly until mid January or let’s say February and then lose interest. And by August, I wait for the announcements for the next release and get excited etc. This is a routine that is happening for a long time. But this year, after spending nearly 140h on the game, I finally gave up being positive about the game. (which is a first for an FM game) And as a loyal fan, I must say that I am disappointed with FM 2019 so far and I agree with the OP. I think that this the least stable FM version of the series. Because of several reasons below : (these are just my observations making a comparison of several ex-versions of the game) SEVERE Game is ridiculously easy. (Sunderland. Champions. 114 points in League One / Parma. Finished 5th in Serie A. Lost CL spot to Napoli on the final day) Incredible amount of human player shots comparing to AI. (my average 23,9, opponents average 8,3. Sunderland – League One. no single game opponent making more attacks than me) ME mechanics still not at an acceptable level. Here are some examples : Defenders pressing illogically. 3 players press on one guy while another player is completely free to score Passing. Long term error. Pass is addressed to playerA but not executed good. It drops near to playerB but B doesn’t pick up the ball but wait for A to sprint 25m to pick it up Midfield play. When a player has the ball with opponents around, no help given by a hardworking or any midfielder to the person who has the ball Strange Attacks. Once in every 5 games. Pass hitting a teammate, drops off to opponent that leads to a goal. (should be once in every 30 games) BBM. They are very effective. I agree about their importance in modern day football but I don’t accept the fact that they shoot from far whenever/whatever IMPORTANT Team not respecting the tactics (long balls, defence pushing high even intsructed not to) Too many goals from crosses Too many goals from corners. Routine far post flick-in that leads to goal (very) Frequent contract renewal requests Transfer flaws. Even though not listed, teams offering just/barely the value for a player. (non-negotiable offers) As pointed out as several other topics, very high amount transfers from like Scotland or Holland etc NOT CRITICAL A lot of penalties. And a lot of missed penalties. (Chris Maguire – Sunderland – Penalty Taking 17. Scored 5/9 penalties) Strikers not effective. One on one scoring ratio too low. Goalkeeper ratings. Not so critical but should be altered. I often see, more than 10 saves in a single game. Rating 6.9 Meaningless throw-ins given away that leads to an opposition attack Licence problems. (There is SEGA behind this game. So, when you say we couldn’t get the licences, as a consumer I can accept that in year1, say right in year2, reasonable in year3, well…OK in year4 & 5 but not OK in year 14. I believe that you need to figure out a way to move along for this problem. I don’t have the answer for it. You should be the one to solve the matter after so many years) All in all, I am confident that SI would correct the majority of problems hopefully with the 1st full patch, if not with the 2nd. But with this resources and testing period, I am sorry but this shouldn’t be the final product. There is much work to be done in order to make the game enjoyable again, for my point of view. Please take this post as a constructive criticism (as intended). And whatever the outcome, I have nothing but gratitude to SI for the wonderful series over the years.
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