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  1. I will not pre-order the next release for the first time after loads of years. Unfortunately, I gave up on FM2020 and uninstalled it after 135h of gameplay. (which is 1/4 of I generally make) Will definitely wait for the feedback and probably wait for some patches before I buy it... Instead, I am going to dig in to strategy this fall with the likes of CK III & potentially Humankind :)
  2. First of all let me say : with the introduction of each patch, the game gets to a better state. Even with a slow pace, you are trying to reach there. But why is that so?? I mean, you made 2019 playable after numerous patches and this year we had 2020 full of bugs at release. (and unfortunately still so) For me, games that you release recently (especially the last two versions) were really really buggy. And I am talking about game changing bugs here. Issues like strikers not scoring or attacking movement problems of 2019 / absurd angle shots or 1v1s of 2020. Frankly, I find it har
  3. Personally I find this ME much better than the vanilla 2019 version. Here are my two small observations : - When any of my player (mainly striker) or opposition is one-on-one with the goalie, I keep it cool cause I know that the scoring possibility is nigh on impossible... - Too many absurd angle shots (instead of passing/crossing) also erm...not sure what your opinion is but the game seems (again) way less challenging (didn't want to use the *cough* easy terminology)
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before : I like checking my players' development in time and for that I was looking into their attribute changes from time to time at previous editions. There was like 0.2 level changes that you could track at their attribute development panel. (was that the name?) When the attribute changes from let's say 8,4 to 8,6 it showed 9 at profile page. I couldn't see that kind of detail at FM 2020. Maybe I am not looking at the correct page. Can we still see that in FM 2020? (cause at the moment I can't see the decimal detail)
  5. Title of this post : Addiction Even though I know I have it, I try to deny every freakin year but it is official. I am addicted to this game. When they put the game on sale, I said "this is absurd ! how can they do that before even announcing anything !?" Then I was so damn clear & said "no purchase until something interesting comes out" After that I saw the announcement which I am absolutely not happy about. Only the player development section barely stirred something inside Anyway, later on yesterday I bought the game again all of a sudden after all the whining abou
  6. I had planned to open a topic but changed my mind after seeing this one. Before I start, I must say that I can't understand some of the members ferociously defending the game. Everybody wants the same thing. A stable and logical game which we can have fun. First things first. I am also a fan of the series (like most of you) for more than 20 years and pre-order the game each year without a blink in the eye. (just this year, I waited for pre-order until the announcements as I did not appreciate the fact that SI has launched the pre-order without any hint about the game)
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