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  1. Big thanks for the thread! Really cool to read through some of your suggestions. I play on a laptop with Ryzen 7 4800H 8GB RAM, just wondered what would be considered the ‘sweet spot’ for CPU like this...scared to load up a longer term save only for the game to start grinding to a halt after 4 or 5 seasons
  2. It varies year on year. The game is such a vast decision tree with an unsolvable number of variables, the beta is simply a fantastic way to test the game on mass scale and help roll out a polished product in time for release day
  3. In these later editions, as more and more features are added, there are now many ways the human manager can gain an edge over all its AI competitors. I feel for the last 3 or 4 editions of the game, I will almost certainly win the league/get promoted in my second season (If not first season) regardless of who I am managing. Managing outside the big 5 leagues, I feel like the top clubs in the division are rarely as dominant as they are IRL and will drop many points to teams home and away (teams that we can crush). By the start of the second season, these top teams have sold most of their best p
  4. Did a save with Sporting CP, created my own tactic from scratch and seemed to blow every team out the water. I appreciate Sporting are the third best team in Portugal but I signed one back up striker and felt like once I'd set up my tactic I could press space bar and complete an invincible season, regularly sticking at least 4 past Benfica or Porto with regularity. Thought these files may be of interest as I have read a number of people are finding the beta game too easy. Belenenses SAD v Sporting CP.pkm CD Tondela v Sporting CP.pkm Rio Ave v Sporting CP.pkm Sporting CP v FC P
  5. Current laptop has integrated graphics card and struggles to run the 3D match engine on anything above ‘Low’ settings (even this isn’t that smooth!). Just wondering what performance I can expect from a GTX 1650 or 1660 dedicated card with an i5 10300h or i7 9750h processor. Will it run the 3d match engine smoothly on high/ultra settings?
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