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  1. dafuge's FM14 challenge

    Going to give this a bash myself. Been years since I played FM seriously. What better way to reacquaint myself with the series. After reloading countless times in the (desperate) hope of pulling Trafford (12 miles away) I gave up and settled on Witton Albion (16 miles away with a much better badge)
  2. Had this issue on FM12, now on 13.I f I create a player and add him to a created team, it won't show any achievements in the player's history until he moves to a new club. At that point any new awards will show in his awards history, but it still won't show his awards from his original, created club. I'm thinking it's caused by whatever it is that stops his time at the created club showing under History > Achievements. Summary: Created player wins Player of the Month award while playing for created team. Award shows in news feed, however History > Achievements > Awards is blank. Created player transfers to Chelsea, wins Player of the Month, award shows in History > Achievements > Awards. Any fixes?
  3. I'm guessing my issue is caused by the potential size of the save file, but why can't I view match reports more than 4 games back? I'm running the whole of England in full detail, with playable leagues in a few other countries but I can only see info on the last month or so. Is there a way to increase how far back these reports will go? I've got the game set to NOT compress save files as I thought that might be a cause, but it's still behaving in the same way.
  4. How do I add my own to the drop down list? (pretty sure it involves editing some text doccument in the game files). I'm SURE I've seen it done on 08 and fancy experimenting with formations while easily setting up the players like i currently do, using the TTaF09 settings. Cheers guys!
  5. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Red Rebels - 2009/10 Season Review League A good first season with a 7th place finish. Could have finished higher and spent the early parts of 2010 3rd in the league before a dip in form brought us down to 11th for a while before a late run of form brought us back up for a possible late challenge for a play-off spot. On the last game of the season we started the day in 8th and had the potential to finish 4th if we won and the other results went our way. We won... as did everyone else leaving is us 7th. Cups I wasn't looking for much in the cups, concentrating on the league instead. We lost in the Conference League Cup North Third Round at home to Barrow after seeing off Farsley in a penalty shoot out and Alfteron in a 3-1 victory. In the FA Cup we were far worse. The first qualifying round put us against Woodley Sports at Gigg Lane. They forced a replay and at their place the score were level again and after ET we lost in penalties. In the FA Trophy we had our best cup run. After beating Workington in the 3rd qualifying round we then beat Bishop's Stortford and then went on to beat BSP side Forest Green. Players As everyone expects Kyle Wilson had a great season, netting 17 goals in the league in 35 apps, the best in the side. Up there with him, Waide Fairhurst grabbed 12 in 35 and loan signing Antonio Bryan got 10 from 37 (despite spending most of the season on the right wing). Bryan also picked up the hightest average rating in the side with 7.15. Dieyte grabbed the most assists for the club with 15 and Nugent earned himself the most MotM awards with 6 (he also netted 10 times from the heart of defense). Kyle Wilson was the fans player of the season and was given 3rd place in the BSN Player of the Season Award. Overall I was very impressed with the team and had it not been for the midseason slump we might have found ourselves in the play-offs. Fingers crossed for the next season. Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2009/10 Blue Square North 7th
  6. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Cheers for that, first season update will be up tomorrow night... but with no graph as I've already passed the point of no return.
  7. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Great season. Hopefully an EPL title next year! This thread is such a good read, been reading all night! lol Quick question though, everyone is posting position drafts with their updates yet I can see the option (I've got to the end of the season and the table has reset but when I look at the previous year there is no option for it). Suggestions?
  8. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Cheers for the heads up. Ramsey has started in the opening games of the season and so far so good. Stewart was signed as I was severley in need of some cover at LB
  9. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    The Red Rebels Pre-season update Introduction The club was only formed a few years ago but since then FC United have already started to establish themselves in the depths of lower league football and by the end of the 08/09 season found themselves winning promotion to the BSN. Karl Marginson was the man to take them to this point, after becoming manager in 2005. Following their promotion to the BSN he resigned due to personal reasons and in stepped Lewis Smith. Mr Smith was a manager with no previous experience. A definate gamble. The was therefore simple. Survival. Nothing more, nothing less. He inherited a good squad. A few gifted players here and there and not too much dead wood clinging on to a part-time job at the club. Yet, if he were to progress, some changes would have to made. Within days or arriving at the club Mr Smith was on the boards' back demanding a parent club. A club to feed from, to bring in some new faces. The board listened and within days a very odd link was made with one of the country's top clubs The FC United manager then begun the task of bringing in players to bolster his squad. Transfers Mr. Smith's aim seemed to be in suring up the defense. In Particular the LB spot was proving a weak spot with no cover at all. In came Neil Ashton, probably FC United's most gifted player at the season start, to take over the LB spot and also do a job in the midfield when needed. The back line received a few more additions, including Ben Judge, Christopher Ramsey, Michael Pearson, Curtis Ujah, and George Stewart. Elsewhere on the field, Antonio Bryan, Ikechi Anya and Sam Hatton were all brought in to do jobs Pre-season Friendlies FC United 0 - 2 Exeter FC United 4 - 3 Ballymena Utd FC United 0 - 2 Merthyr Ossett Town 4 - 2 FC United Airbus 1 - 3 FC United Abbey Hey 1 - 2 FC United Not a bad set of results for the young manager with enough talent shown to hopefully see them through their first season under Lewis Smith in relative saftey.
  10. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Well we shall soon see, hello 8th of April!
  11. I'm doing an all-nighter while my new lappy holidays first season. (swear it used to holiday quicker than this on older versions)
  12. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Cheers for the welcome! Well I'm holidaying as we speak, I cant even judge if it took longer to load the database after downloading the ddt file as this is the first time this machine has played FM.
  13. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Guys, I've read soooo much of this thread while in work over the last few weeks (waiting for my new laptop, which i FINALLY have) so I've decided I'm going to start this myself. However, since in my years of playing cm/fm I've never really done anything liek this I've confussed myself in the initial setup. The file I download, does it go in the .03 folder if that's the patch I'm running (I only ask becasue the OP says .01 despite being 'edited' this month') Also, provided I got that 'right' should I notice anything different/different options when I'm setting up the game or will everything feel the same but with the final result of far more English players. Sorry guys, possibly the worst post to really 'introduce' myself to this seasons posting.