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  1. So i created a league of all the States in Australia to see which team is the best, with them all having their own team (west australia, victoria, new south wales, ect) I had no problem creatinng the league and teams but i wanted no transfers to occur and have no idea why. Players were moving inbetween state clubs and made the experiment/test unfair.
  2. So ive done two 'careers' in fm19 so far and am getting bored of it but i still love the game, any suggestions for what i could do in the editor?
  3. So I created some new nations, which were Australian states South Australia and Victoria. As they are independent nations i had to create multiple editor databases. When i loaded the game up only one of the nations would be playable the other wouldnt work at all shown in the picture below even though the South Australia did have clubs in those leagues
  4. Ok probably shouldve said already but i am using two different databases to do this. Ive selected both and loaded it up, both South Australia and Victoria have all the teams in them but only one of them works. If i only select the south australia one it works fine.
  5. So i decided to remake the Australian states as nations. this worked as individual databases (with nation rules) but when more than one was used it wouldnt work. Victoria and South Australia are the states here btw Would be great to know how to fix this, thanks
  6. Can you explain how you did the regional leagues as im attempting the same league system and need help in the advanced settings, thanks
  7. So imm doing a database in which i have expanded the Australian leagues and now have around seven levels, but am having regional problems as i dont want a team from Perth to have to travel to Queensland and the eastern states on the regular as it is a long distance and the footballs at the lower levels arent even professional. Does anyone know how to set up regional barriers for leagues in Advanced settings? Thaanks to anyone who responds
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