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  1. Thank you all for your reply. I am not sure the tactic is the issue here, because during a match my team gets a lot of great chances to score but the players missing the target, maybe it's related to shooting training?
  2. haha most of my matches ended up with 1-0/2-1 with helping of corners/penalties/free kicks
  3. Hey, I am playing with Valencia, I am at the beginning of the second season and I have issues with scoring goals. My tactic works great ( finished 2nd place previous season) but my players just can't score. My team has a lot of great opportunities and cut clear chances to score but they always miss. For example, last season Rodrigo was my top goalscorer but he scored only 13 goals(!) in 40 appereances. Can anyone give me some tips to deal with this issue? thanks
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