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  1. im playing on ios but things are same even playing two match in a row doesnt affect their conditions in this game engine i do not need to make rotation lul
  2. i played 30 seasons at ipad and started new career at iphone i won many trophies in my new career but manager score has not changed since i played with iphone is it the way it is or there’s something wrong? i once ranked in 7th but now i am 27th
  3. just suggest new contract with more salary its the simplest way
  4. i selected four big leagues(epl, la liga,serie a, bundesliga) and all the sub-leagues below them by the way i dont agree with your idea that not many players play more than 15 season. regenerated players usually debut before 20, even some of them start their career in age 15. And they retire when they are 34 or 35, or with suggesting reconsideration they can play more than 20seasons. So. it “isnt” agreeable. also reaching the limit should not be the reason that i cant see my players’ history. Current smartphones or tablets have enough space to afford more game data. At least there should be a chance for me to choose how many GB i can use to this game. if it cant be changed let me ask you one more question. If i choose just 1st and 2nd division, then i can see more player stats? if it is right i wont select england league1 and etc.
  5. it can be easily solved by suggesting new contract also unhappypiness in training situation can be solved in same way
  6. player stats are disappearing they show only recent 13~15 seasons’ stats and stats and achievements they made are disappering im playing 44/45 season now and the oldest history i can see is 30/31 season this wasnt the problem in fmm2017 and i really hope it fixed in near future i already wrote about this bug about 2 weeks ago and nothing changed...
  7. players’ carrer history seems to show only recent 15 seasons as you see in the picture my new Alves debut before 20/21 season but in his history tab i could see only records after 22/23 i dont know it was intended or it’s error but it needs to be fixed because it also affects career total statistcs i played fmm2017 and one of my joy was to look around how the players grew up but i cant feel this in 2019 ver hopes to see it fixed in close future - from korean with short english-
  8. players’ condition is always too much good. two games in two days but their condition was all over 90% in real football no player can run full time for ten or more games in a row (look at the case of ivan rakitic) but this game overrated players’ conditions. it needs to be fixed. Right now i do not need to use substitutes or lotation.
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