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  1. Oh crap, its hard to have good finances this way in amateur teams because as soon as they get the courses they join to better teams than mine. And I have to get new coachs and they will ask for courses again..
  2. He is not, As you can see in the picture says that Gandarela will pay the course. Gandarela is the Team. And my finances really goes down. Look at my Expediture, total is 50k and those 32k is the other that is the courses for my coaches I can't afford that.
  3. Hi Guys, I really need your help, My coaches are taking courses without ask, What should I do to prevent this. I'm coaching an amateur team so have to pay almost 4k for each course is to much for my finances. You can see in last picture that I have all staff responsibilities assigned to me. Please help me. FM19.
  4. Hi guys, Sorry to reopen this old article but Can you help me found a working tactic for my specific version FM19 19.1.1f1159619 (v1914) ?
  5. Hi guys, Sorry to reopen this old article but Can you help me found a working tactic for my specific version FM19 19.1.1f1159619 (v1914) ?
  6. I want to report 3 bugs: 1. When I finish the team negotiation for a player somentimes the next message in my inbox is saying that the player already accepted the contract terms( without giving my the option to negotiate it by myself) you can see the proof of this in the attachment. My team allow me to give maximum wage 1.5k/week and Diogo paixão automatically received a contract of 6.5k/week. 2. The game don't arranged me any friendly game in last seasons. And this currently season only have one friendly. 3.when offer a contract renewal to my own player sometimes don't have the
  7. Hi, First of all let me thank you for all the good work done by you. Cheers! Now the suggestions is about the club finances, is such easear bring a club in bankrupt to rich what's not in line with reality. Even when choosing a team from last divisions in 2 seasons you can upgrade the finances really fast. Bring more difficult to pay high salaries when you are small team can help fix this. So my request is as it happens in FM full version for PC bring some extra reality when it comes to finances on small teams. This can look like a small or not important feature to add but for
  8. No, I just have a save after the 1st season ending when I found the bug. As you can see in the attachment I am coaching a team wich are not in any league just playing for the cup matches NoDivision3rdPortugueseLeague.zip
  9. Hi @Luke Warrington, I just started this save after the update. Check the attachment. Ps.The name of the file was different from this topic because I have two bugs open for the same save after the update. NoDivision3rdPortugueseLeague.zip
  10. Hi, after the newest update when I started ununployed and then assign with Armacenenses from portuguese 3rd division finished the 2018/2019 season in 6th place and in season 2019/2020 we are no in the league. See the attachement.
  11. Hi @Luke Warrington I'm using xiaomi redmi note 4, i have loaded English 1st and 2nd divisions, spanish 1st division, italian 1st division and all the Portuguese leagues, my team is Armacenenses from Portugal 3rd division. I have always played with teams in this division before the last update and everything worked properly.
  12. Hi, after the newest update when i try select team report the game shuts down suddenly.
  13. Hello, Until now I was always playing small teams, but now I tried started both at FC Porto from portugal and in national team (Portugal), and I realize that every team I play against is playing with defensive or contain team mentality. it's okay when I play against smaller teams but this happens with every team until now. In example Benfica and Inter played defensive and contain mentality and Italy national team too. This is taking all the fun off.
  14. We will need to start a new game after we update (10.0.5) when it comes up? Or we can continue with our old saves and fix in the update will make effect ?
  15. Hi, I'm getting the same issue. It's happening in on my own players, I set the focus attribute for each player in trainning section and after some weeks all is set by "default" I guess without I change nothing and have assistante manager helping off. It always set strikers with focus attribute as Movement, attacking midefielders as Creativity, defensive midefielders as tackling and defender as positioning. It's really annoying have to set 30 players focus attribute almost every month.
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