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  1. I have just ended a 13 year long save as in the end I couldn't continue with such a small pool of players coming through. I only loaded the English league (it seems like the same issue is happening regardless of loading multiple leagues). Some observations below; * Scouting assignments for different regions or continenets yielded little and mainly displayed english based players * South American scouting only provided Paraguayan players - most odd * The major European clubs had a collection of ageing wonderkids - not realtsic at all. Also at least 25% of their squads we
  2. It would be lovely to get this sorted. Hopefully once the Euro transfer windows are finished and it can be rolled out in one nice major update as its been 3 months now.
  3. 100% agree. We need a major update soon as its been nearly 2 months now. I see on the App Store the price has come down. Maybe a reflection on sales this year?
  4. Anyone else have this issue? I got the below from Segas suport team; Hello, I asked internally and I'm afraid we are not able to issue any refunds. Apple iTunes transactions are managed by Apple. Please submit your refund request to Apple using the link below: Report a Problem http://reportaproblem.apple.com Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, Vincent SEGA Customer Support
  5. Not good enough is it. So gutted as felt like a long time waiting for it to come out. I have requested a refund from Sega although that’s taking an age to be resolved.
  6. Agreed. Even more annoying when I have a week of doing nothing coming up and this would be the perfect time to play it.
  7. I can tolerate all the other issues but this one stops me playing it
  8. Hi Adam - do you mean how often this occurs? It would be every matchday. Thanks
  9. I thought this had been fixed as the scores are now pulling in, but low and behold there is still a bug. Scores pull in but they don’t match the final result. For example look at the Braintree vs Ebbsfleet latest score vs final result. Come on guys get this sorted it’s properly ruining the game 😔
  10. They are probably have to undertake the biggest bug fix in the history of the game. Hoping it’s soon but think they have a huge job on their hands. At what point are people going to start demanding refunds, as buying a game in early Dec and having to wait a month or so to play it isn’t a great customer experience.
  11. This is exactly what happened to me. Last day of the season I thought I won the league as was given a trophy pres, then loaded onto the next page to see I had finished 2nd 😂. For me that’s a big deal. Could see it becoming a right pain with CL and EL groups aswell that are tight. Let’s hope the devs are putting in some night shifts to fix this as not sure how my Xmas is going to be much fun!
  12. Hi Harry - its on every match I play each season but let me dig out a file save. It was for the Conference South league.
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