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  1. gonna do a couple more games to see if this was just pure luck or not lol
  2. uau, it worked...i used the tactic away agaist a really bigger team and i won 3-1! i was losing by 1-0 but still turned the things around in the 1st half to 3-1 and then i changed the mentality to defensive and changed my WB to no nonsense FB and they did get a a single chance till the end of the game looool oh and one of my striker made 2goals and thats truly pleasing
  3. on FM18 with Argus my Poacher reached 68 goals on the 1st season and i used an underdog club
  4. and i've twisted this knap tactic cause it didnt seem to work for me but i liked the football style so i change it...but try knap's version it may work for you
  5. the tactic its still in development...ill share it once i have the end of season results
  6. im vit.setubal from portuguese 1st division...predicted to be 10th of 18th at the end of the season
  7. whats your discord channel? link if you can pls
  8. and whats the prob with that? im just keeping knap udated like i said
  9. nope...this one of his tactics totally reenvented by me...cause none of is tactics are working for me this year so i decided to reconstruct one of his tactics
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