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  1. Would it be possible to get replays of penalties being conceded? I have replays of goals and missed pens, but it's just literally them taking the pen, not how they are being conceded.
  2. My generated manager (from my [brown skin] photo) is white and I can't change the skin tone. Has this already been reported?
  3. I know the football world doesn't really monitor this but I'd love to be able to see a player's goal difference stat. In particular if I am deciding which defender to play, how many goals have been conceded per 90 mins per player.
  4. Save started last night. Impressed with the Southampton Set Up. I always use my 4-1-3-1-1 formation as I have never found a better system, even though I try. Signed a couple of Brazilians called Rodrigo - Rodrigo Caio: CB and Rodrigo Durado: DM Moving Fonte and Romeu to the bench. Sold (or trying to sell): Taylor, Martina, Yoshida, Gardos, Pied Only got through pre-season but Shane Long is a beast. His 20 Work Rate really shows on the match engine. Chases everything. I was originally planning to sell him, but I have a feeling he's going to be my top scorer for the season. Redmond makes a great RM and Boufal as a Second Striker looks good too. I like the Southampton Youngsters too, can make an XI out of them: Harry Lewis Valery Stephens Cook Targett Reed Isgrove Ward-Prowse McQueen Seager Olomola
  5. Hi, Anyone know how to change the manager profile after you have created it? I want to change my hairstyle/colour and my favourite team, but can't see how to? Cheers
  6. One or Two signings per window when you have a squad you're happy with and developing, this tends to weed out complacency. I have a bad habit of seeing £££ signs when teams bid in for my players (Sold Januzaj for £57M and a World Class Regen DM for £50M when it would have made more sense to keep them, as I didn't need the money or like to spend big on replacing players like that) But it seems to work for me
  7. Try looking at your press conference answers, are you showing complacency here? Maybe the team are so worked up after not managing to win against teams they feel they should beat with the added pressure of you telling them they have to win, they may benefit from a "relax and enjoy yourself" team talk? Alternatively, as Hunt3r says, it could be your tactics? If you're set up to counter attack against a team that sits deep and waits for you to attack, it may not work as well as it does against a top 4 team who you can punish on the break?
  8. How did board handle your 7th place finish? How did you do in cups and Europe that year?
  9. I have a specific dilemma I am facing and would like advice, but happy to open this up to a general discussion about 1st Team players Vs Squad Depth. I currently have: 1 World Class Right Back that got an average rating of 7.82 last season and Sam Byram (Home-Grown Player at the peak of his ability) as cover 2 World Class Centre Backs with Joe Gomez (trained at nation, solid backup with potential to grow a little) and Harry Souttar (Home-grown and developed into solid backup) 1 Very Good Left Back that plays well and has the ability to grow a little more and Charlie Taylor (Home-Grown Player at the peak of his ability) as cover After scouting the 2022 World Cup (Moved from Qatar to China) the scouts found a 5 Star potential Centre Back that isn't quite as good yet as my 2 WC CBs. My question is: Do I buy this player and slowly make him a first team CB replacing 1 of my CBs and sell Joe Gomez or do I keep things the way they are. Background: I have recently lost the Champions League final and finished 4th. The CB in question is 23 and doesn't speak English. -- More of a general discussion: What are your tactics with regards to a Go To First XI Vs a 22+ man squad of similar ability and rotate? I've always aimed for a 25-man squad with an ideal first XI in mind, but happy for any possible combination. I fear that I keep developing into Liverpool with a squad full of nearly players rather than a Barcelona with a World Beating XI and little strength in depth. How do you handle keeping all squad players happy if you have World Class players in every position?
  10. Currently into my 8th Pre-Season with Leeds. 1 Championship Winners Trophy (and 1 promotion), 1 FA Cup, 1 FA Cup final, 1 League Cup Final, 1 Europa League Final, 1 Champions League Final, Highest Prem Position: 3rd. Writing that disappoints me how many finals I have lost! My proudest thing is my team. 25-Man Squad still including Byram, Taylor, Mowatt and Cook (Cook club captain and only 1st Team regular out of these) and a further 9 home-grown players (all bought under 18)
  11. The trick to a successful diamond is drawing the centre backs out wide to allow the tip of the diamond to find the space in front of goal. With this in mind I'd ensure that the forwards were giving the instruction to move to flanks. Not quite sure what I'd have as their roles, Trequaristas maybe or 1 Treq. one ALF. Then the tip of the diamond as a SS Then at the back the worry is when playing a HB that the CBs get dragged out wide themselves, as tends to be the case on FM with HB... So I'd have the base of the diamond a DLP and make 2 CMs BWM(support) Full backs would have to become CWBs and the CBs can be however you play them. Also, A sweeper keeper would be a bonus due to the lack of cover.
  12. Keep in mind the run of fixtures - if you're playing sat, wed, sat - try your weaker players against the weakest team. (when all squad fully fit) I rarely get that - so I make sure I only play players over 90% and rotate enough so players stay match fit for as long as possible
  13. So Chambers has gone to Arsenal for £16m. We know Shaw has gone to Man U for £30m. My question is, at 19 do they qualify as a homegrown (trained at club) when they're 21/22 ? IIRC, they would have had to have been 18 when they signed for this to be the case. Fair enough they'll be Homegrown (trained in nation) but is that not a lot of money to spend on players like this? Side-note. I don't get how Lallana is worth £25m at 26 with no champions league experience and 1 or 2 good seasons behind him.
  14. Cultural Leonesa. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/394909-So-who-s-going-to-be-starting-a-career-with-Cultural-Leonesa-in-2015-Tuxedo-Kit
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