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  1. I had some players who were 16 years old, and they turned 17 and never started the professional contract, nor do i have the ability to offer them new contracts, the ones who were on my B team i cant even move them to senior squad. Where it says expires and has the red triangle, it had the same date of when the professional contract should've started. Right clicking their name doesnt show the option to offer contract, and on their profile page under contract : I thought if i let it expire i could then offer them a contract, but already july and the same thing
  2. again, an eagle cant understand why a chicken cant fly i have 4 inside forwards with "cuts inside from both wings" and 10/11 cross 10/11 pass am i going to play them as wingers? i have 3 AP's in CM and 2 DLP in DM, am i playing them as bwm? its just dont make any sense, and if i dont even touch the ball how am i supposed to know whats wrong ? and how am i supposed to know what will fix it? the game doesnt give a **** if you understand it or not, and the community assumes you play it since 1832...
  3. Im trying what guides/tutorials/people say i should try. i dont expect instant result. i expect not losing to a 3rd division team as i said, you already know from previous versions what works well, i dont... and people say "choose how you want to play" and then say, dont choose 2 Inside Forwards, thats contradictory no ? and why is that? because you guys played older versions and already know 2 inside forwards dont work
  4. I tried almost every role in the game, almost every team instructions combination, almost every thing. I assume this is easier to people who played older versions of the game, but i didnt so i dont have knowlodge of things veteran players consider basic or easy. Only role combination guides i found are from 3/4 years ago, and all search i did on roles and team instructions are "choose how you want your team to play" thats obviously not easy when you never played this game before and have 10000 possible combinations of roles duties team instructions player instructions. I can choose how i want my team to play, but choosing and it being correct is 2 different things. Like AP's stay behind forwards, i use 2 CM and would like both to do that. I can choose them both as AP's, doesnt mean its correct or gonna work, but thats how i want them to play. Obviously the "everything can work together" its only true if you already know what doesnt. i mean yeah, everything works, you can put a winger in the same flank as a CWB, doesnt mean its correct, but for someone new to the game, how would i know that ? The game just describes a role, nothing more. its like having a sniper and choosing from 400 different gun ammo, how would you know what ammo to choose if you never played the game? you are going to choose a pistol ammo for your sniper while other people who play the game for years already know what ammo they should use, and cant understand why you dont. The game should have combination recommendations, or at least not letting you choose 2 incompatible things. because irl a inside forward is never going to dribble the ball straight to a teammate or 2 players are never running side by side like they are holding hands. Im starting to believe, some of the older players dont understand why 2 roles combine well, they just know they combine well, but dont understand why
  5. Get a mid table team and you'll lose just like me, i think the problem is the 4-1-4-1 search the tactics shared, almost none use 4-1-4-1, and if they use its some variation to defend or play on top teams before i posted the tactic here i would get 10/11 shots inside the box and 0 goals, why ? because im a mid table team, you actually afford to score one because you are man untd
  6. Since last night i re-read all the posts people wrote here, did some more research, etc etc etc. Even tried LB on Sup RB on Attack to be role opposite to the IF in the same flank, tried every single striker role 13 matchs - 10 loses - 3 Draws 53 shots - 9 inside box 2 goals (corners) My striker best performance was under the DLF role... 6.6 rating My Left IF didnt do nothing all games, i didnt even notice my right IF until he went to take the corners i tought he stayed at home those games My guys, im actually quiting, this is not healthy for me, as i just simply rage at a game and almost hit my computer
  7. Both, im a IF irl in under 16 and i love the role, my irl team plays 2 IF's. But my coach doesnt tell us our "role" he just says i want you to cut inside because you dribble well, i want you to look for X player, i want you to do this and that (he kinda sucks though) and i want to learn has i have fun playing if that makes sense i have 4 IF's on my squad (their actual best role) who have cuts inside has they PPM I understand this, but i dont have any player who plays the role less then competent, actually the worst in his role is the striker who is only competent as a pressing forward
  8. I already did 3 seasons with a downloaded tactic so i could learn other stuff on the game, but i started a new save so i could learn to make my own tactic, but it just made me mad. very mad and i didnt open the game since the last time i posted a screenshot of the tactic but look, that 4-1-4-1 on the left side he has a WB (A) and a CM(A), why would that work if both go up and the IF stays between them like cheese in a sandwich but my CWB and mezzala dont ?
  9. I appreciate their effort on trying to help me, but like summatsupeer said, for example, that my CWB my Mezzala and IF dont combine well, how am i supposed to know that? there is nothing telling me that they dont work well together and how can i learn what does combine well? My CWB plays with no help in the wing, my IF cuts inside and the mezzala work in the half-space, so why the hell dont they work together ? in my head they do, in the game they dont, and i just cant figure why
  10. Im new at the game, i dont know what roles combine well with what roles, i dont know what roles actually do, despite reading all the descriptions. I've been searching and searching and searching, and it made me even more confused, i only understand why i need to balance duties, but i dont understand how to combine roles. For example, i want to use inside forwards, but i have no clue what the midfielders, fullbacks and striker roles should be to combine well with the IF's and create space. I know i need 1 defending CM 1 support and 1 attack, but i dont know which one to choose, why is it better a CM attack or a mezzala attack or a AP attack? i have no idea, nor is it explained in the game, i just see me best player for a role that has attack duty and choose it. I read the descriptions of a role and think "yeah thats what i want this player to do" then i go to a match and its nothing like i imagined him doing. The game doesnt tell me what roles play nice together or what i should or shouldnt be pairing, so i just test and test, some work some dont, but i can never figure out why it work or doesnt. I think this game is not new player friendly, has with even the preset tactics i struggle to win 1 game (i already now about match fitness, moral, etc.) its just the tactics part that i dont get
  11. So, i loaded back the save, did some changes: Overlap/underlap removed Work ball in the box removed normal passing range Higher engage line and higher pressing normal width normal tempo normal defensive line changed the MCL to a CM(A) and then to a B2B the striker i try to use DLF(A), DLF(s), F9 LB from Complete Wingback to Wingback to Fullback MCR from AP(S) to Roaming playmaker to Carrilero 3 matches 3 loses 0 goals 0 play i want to see. i give up, its to hard for a noob like me, time to go back to fifa thank you anyway guys ps: can i get my money back? xD
  12. I tried changing my Striker to a F9 and a DLF, but he seems not to press if he isn’t a pressing forward, but maybe he can pull one CD while the MCL goes up ? My best 3 players are a left footed IF, a right footed IF and a AP who doesn’t get above 6.6 rating if he plays other role. Both IF suck at crossing so I don’t use them as wingers. They are great dribblers and have nice vision/pass/flair. When my left IF gets the ball, the MCL is never trying a run to let that middle space vacated for him, so maybe changing striker role so my MCL goes up more ?
  13. Here, this what i would like to do with my tactic: Defending: https://tactical-board.com/animation/11ee14dbca1a0c_bfuk (Press play, right top corner) Attacking: https://tactical-board.com/animation/fac7e4463905a7_bfuk (Press play, right top corner) (Maybe LB more upfield than in that animation) How can i achieve this? i know i can achieve the defensive with Support duties, but how can i achieve that attacking movement and passes ?
  14. If I do that I’m not playing the football I want, I’m playing the football the ME wants me to play so I can win. My right side isn’t that bad, the left side is where I can’t get that through ball to the MCL, if I play a IF on attack then he gets the ball and not my MCL. If I don’t play an IF, the other roles don’t do want I want them to do. i only ask that type of Ronaldinho “no-look” pass from my left IF to my MCL, through balls from my right IF to my striker and crosses from my RB. And to not let other team play from the back. I can only achieve the crosses from my RB (not that hard, just attack duty) the rest I can’t. I don’t even know what MC roles combine better with IFs and the more I research and ask, the less my team football attracts me.
  15. So, i did some changes you guys talked about... Started way more shooting from outside the box, less crosses from the RB. Conceding long through balls. lost 4-0 Then i changed it to this Had 4 shots all game, all 4 off target, only 1 from inside the box, wasted all my crosses. Conceding from crosses. lost 2-0 Then to this: Had 0 shots, less then 45% possession. Conceding from crosses and through balls. Lost 5-0 Got sacked every change was less and less the football i want to see, i know i need familiarity but that wasnt a big deal since it wasnt that low. Changed IF on left to attack, but that way the guy doesnt defend and my LB was allways 1on2, and my 5 wingers on my team are IF's guess i gotta go 3 strikers not to get sacked in this game
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