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  1. SEASON 6- 2024-25 Short and sweet update for this one, We pushed on from last seasons 7th position and won the league with some very up and down parts of the year, some parts we were unbeatable and some we struggled against lowly opposition. We also won the Leasing Trophy which was a great achievement considering we had to go through Man City Under 23s to do so. Here is the league table And again Adawarka was our top goalscorer for the year with over 20 goals in all comps The biggest news is we were taken over by a consortium which gave us over
  2. Season 5- 2023-24 Review A decent year for our first in League One. Finished 1 point from the play offs but had to cut some players about 2/3rds into the season due to our financials. I was under the wage budget but due to needing higher paid players to compete in league one. We have had 98% full stadium but it's just not enough to sustain our squad at this point. doesn't help that we aren't getting enough sponsorship in either. Final league table- So now comes transfers, brought in a few players in different positions that worked well. We also ch
  3. Agree, don't be too down on yourself, it usually take me 5-8 seasons to get to league one, I've had a lot of luck go my way and some decent away draws to Prem clubs in the cups to boost my finances. Chin up mate
  4. SEASON 2022-23 Our first season in the football league was an up and down one, I maanged to sign some big players for my standard anyway. However it stretched the wage budget to max as i thought i'd ned to start giving decent contracts to try and get players good enough for League two so after the many signings i made there was little room to move money wise. Here is my transfers for this year So back to the league, i struggled at first due to the higher quality and new players getting used to my system but we were treading water at around 18th for a fair w
  5. Just another quick update, Just as the transfer window started i was put under a transfer embargo due to a potential takeover. Hope 1) i keep my job lol and 2) have enough time to strengthen my squad
  6. SCARBOROUGH ATHLETIC SEASON 1 21/22 FULL SEASON REVIEW WE DID THE DOUBLE !!!! Great season for us as we finished top again to gain promotion to League Two, We also one the FA Trophy for the first time in Scarborough's history. The main point of my save so far seems to be that I have yet to make an error in the transfer market. I don't expect this to last but it's been a great first two years in the challenge thus far. I managed to keep Joe West at LB but lost Hunt ( My Best MID in year one) To Derry CIty. Made some quality signings thi
  7. SCARBOROUGH ATHLETIC SEASON 1 20/21 FULL SEASON REVIEW WE DID IT!!!! Won the league on the final day of the season with 3 draws in the last 5 games. The problem now is that all the stars that got me up have no interest in resigning so we will have to have a good transfer window to stay up. We have a balance of 200K so we should be able to spend more on wages and maybe even have a transfer budget next year. Top goalscorer was an old target man at 36 years old that banged in 18 goals And here is the final league table
  8. SCARBOROUGH ATHLETIC FC \ SEASON ONE 2020/21 HALF YEAR REVIEW Started the challenge with Scarborough as they are one of the closer teams to my home town. We signed lots of players mostly for free or on loan from our Senior affiliate Barnsley. Two became first teamers straight away in Joe West and Hunt. The rest were average but have been doing a job so far. We are currently somehow 1 point behind the leaders but out of both cup competitions. Here is the league table and transfers thus far. I'll post a more thorough update once the season i
  9. New challenge, Starting up with Scarborough Athletic. Predicted finish of 24th. Let's see how i go!
  10. Since i got sacked because of a wage bill bug that they still haven't fixed. I'm gonna start a new DC shortly. I'll put up my profile shortly.
  11. I've just started the same save. Did you start signing players straight away or wait until the expansion draft?
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