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  1. Starting out this season with Dorchester Town FC. I'm hoping for a postive start to this seasons challenge and will endeavour with all my might to get us to the Promised lands. Up The Town!!!! Here is my screenshot and i will be giving a few updates per season. Good luck to everyone out there and if there are any guys willing to give some tips to a newish LLM then it would be appreciated :). I won't be trying to keep it on the deck my first season if i can find a pacey striker or winger haha.
  2. I think it's more caring about someone clearly hacking the game more than comparing his own scores to theirs.
  3. Bit of an overkill playing the first XI i would have thought!
  4. I just want to say that i have been highly impressed so far with this games pre order BETA bonus. I have to admit i didn't pay much attention at all to the media coverage for FM16 as i was quite content with the 15 edition and only really came to realise it was close to being realised from a steam pre purchase advert. I reviewed the updates and new features of the game and watched a few videos to see what was the main goal improvments wise and still i wasn't sure whether it was enough for me to purchase it again this year. Then on an impulse i thought what the hell i have never not enjoyed a Football manager game... ever. So here i am playing the game and have put 16 hours into the BETA already and am having a great time with it. Props to you Miles and SI and i am really looking forward to how the game improves from BETA to Release launch.
  5. Champions at the first time of asking :D :
  6. Weird, i am currently sitting on 77K with 1 game to go on my current season.
  7. Late update for my season. Playing as Darlington 1883 and am absolutely flying in the league. Somehow in 2nd position on the table and hot on the tail of 1st with about 8 games to go. here is the league table : And found an absolute beast of a target man that is banging them in left right and centre : P.S can anyone tell me how to get the images to show up in this post instead of me just putting the links in ? quite a noob at advanced forums. Cheers. anyway back to it. Hopefully i get a promotion party starting on my first season.
  8. Alright i'm in for the long haul this year... hopefully. Here is my profile : I'm a couple of months in at the moment sitting 10th with a predicted finish of 19th so all is going smooth and dandy atm. P.S anyone else getting a fair amount of injuries ?
  9. I know FM 16 challenge is not fully up and running but i thought i'd get mine started. I ended up going with Darlington 1883. Predicted to finish 19th so i will see how we go. Screenshot of profile :
  10. I have the BETA and would love to start this challenge soonish too
  11. Right started again as FC United here is my profile pic : I will update at the half way point of the season.
  12. I'm gonna restart my challenge with the new patch, I will let you know how i end up getting and post a screenie
  13. Yeah first year you are restricted because of the FFP sanctions on Man City.
  14. Just a quick update on my current FC United save. Had a great start to the year but injuries took their toll on my relatively small squad. I'm now anchored in mid-table obscurity. Thinking about waiting till friday and having a real hard crack at it with the release of the full game!!!
  15. I know it's BETA and there will be updates on Nov 7th but was just wondering if anyone else was encountering countless injuries ? i have almost 1/3 of my squad out to injuries