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  1. Just a quick update on my Kingstonian save, really struggled to get my players going but we finished 19th and stayed up in League two. Thinking about going 3 at the back next season as my original tactic has lost it's magic
  2. Tough luck mate, 4 play off seasons. Have you been able to attract better players with those strong seasons ?
  3. Thanks mate, been 2 great seasons so far !
  4. Another great season, We started the season off with mixed results but managed to float around the mid-table spot. Then it all changed. We signed this absolute beast!!! He scored almost a goal a game and we ended up winning the title on the last day. Beyond my wildest dreams. We also had another trophy in the way of FA trophy. That coupled with an FA Cup third round away tie led us to become quite well off in the finance department Season League Finish Notes 2022/23 League Two - - 2021/22 Vanarama National League 1st Le Back to Back! 2020/21 Vanarama North 1st Le Champions! I'll update again halfway through my first season in the football league. Here is the final league table and my transfers for the season for any that is interested
  5. Quick update, trying to sort my squad out for first season up in National League and get a transfer embargo for a takeover for the whole pre season/ transfer window so i'm in abit of trouble i reckon haha. currently won two and drawn one so hopefully i can get some decent loans and frees if and when i can haha
  6. First season done and dusted. I was fortunate enough to have a beast left winger at the club that ended up winning player of the year for me. we ran roughshot over the league and won as champions quite easily in the end, Expecting much more of a struggle next year as a lot of my players including my 2nd top goalscorer wanting to leave because of the low stature of the league we are in. Fairly easy to get promotion the first year with quick wingers and strikers and playing the long ball. Here is the league table as it finished at seasons end Half way through the year i kept getting rumors of a takeover that never happened. I was slightly hoping for it to be true as we ended the season on -60K but hoping with promotion brings more fans to the ground in the league above. Here is my current squad and transfers i conducted prior to our promotion winning campaign I'll keep people updated on how my season goes in the National Conference!! Season League Finish Notes 2020/21 Vanarama North 1st Le Champions!!
  7. Can you do the opposite ? like make a salary cap with Draft picks etc for the English Leagues ?
  8. I'm starting this years challenge with Kingstonian. Never used them before so wish me luck haha Here is my manager profile : https://imgur.com/a/EK05NOP Good luck everyone
  9. Had a quality season in my first go at the championship. Finished 8th and made the 3rd round of the FA Cup, Secured a young 18 year old names M. Thomas from Middlesbrough. Bagged me 20 goals then at the end of the season had to enquire and they said no way. Turns out he is touted to be the next Michael Owen. Will defo be keeping my eye out on him lol Signing of the season, Hopefully i can nab him again next year. Final league table, Bit of a bonus with the Blunts going down dead last Haha
  10. Just a quick update, had another unbelievable season in league one and went straight up finishing second. So i'm one season away from the promised land. The only problem now is that my ground is only 6K so struggling to keep the finances good. Hopefully if i can keep wages low but competitive in the Championship i can make a few million over a couple of seasons and then have a big push. The most surprising thing going up the league is my striker Okera Simmonds has been top goal scorer with at least 25 a season since the conference north. The championship might be a bit much though as pace doesn't count for much I'll keep you updated on my first season of the championship. Cheers Superowl90
  11. Just a quick update, I did the double somehow last season, won league two and the league trophy. It really does feel to easy this year. Or maybe i'm researching alot more this season lol. We are in league one now but i have a feeling this will be the bottle neck season and i'll struggle to stay in league one for a while
  12. 21/22 SEASON REVIEW PRE SEASON; Again a mixed bag for pre season, didnt win a game but signed a few decent players, Okera Simmonds on loan from Barnsley with bags of pace. Ended up top goalscorer for me with over 30. Signed a few Full backs that would prove pivitol in yet another formation change mid season. 2 cracking mids for the league and 2 decent CBs. SEASON START: The first 2 months was great with only 2 draws 10 wins but i wasn't happy with how we were conceding easy goals and finding it hard to score with just one up top. We changed to a 3-5-2 WBs and the goals started to flow. MID SEASON: Coming into December we hadn't lost a game and were sitting pretty in 1st position. I didn't expect it to last but was hoping with a decent run later i could still secure a play off postion. we lost our first game to Sutton Utd away and i thought here we go... END OF SEASON: In january there was a genuine wobble as we won only 1 of 7 then went into feb also only winning one of 4. march and april we only lost 1 game and somehow ended up being champions quite comfortably. I thought it would take years to get into the football league but only 2 years and we're up. I expect a hard season in league 2 with some good teams from league one relegated. WE ARE CHAMPIONS!!! CUPS: We got knocked out of the FA Trophy first round which was disappointing. We boosted the coffers with a 4th round tie with Aston Villa away. This run helped us get up to 900K in the bank and looking very healthy
  13. SEASON 20/21 REVIEW Was tipped to finish bottom again, We had a very up and down season, went on great runs and terrible slides. Ended up finishing 10th which i was very happy with. we were up at 2nd at one point but dropped off quickly and stayed around the 10th spot for the majority of the season. We signed around 8 people with a couple on loan but only a couple made an impact, Murdoch was top goalscorer again with 25 goals. For next season we need better mids to back up Gavin Scott and another solid CB and a striker to help Murdoch. We have a little bit of money to spend so i'm hoping to attract a few quality players to add and push for playoffs next season. Sorry for the lack of info but work has been manic atm, Next season i'll be back to full posting.
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