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  1. So basically free agent central until epl, kinda like it, always been a fan of picking up the players other teams don't want and look for those gems!
  2. Sam Hart looks like somebody i might definately look into bringing in next season, checks the marks im looking for an attacking wingback, Hämäläinen might stay for backup, depending on how he does this season. Already 10 games in since im using a skin which i can simulate with, i like to see progress faster as i don't have that much free time with the game, but always look to bring a non league team to glory when new fm starts. How were your finances looking throughout the journey, there might always be a somehwat of an issue with them when managing lower league teams, or are Peter Lim, Gary ''2 weeks'' Neville and the boys pouring in their retirement funds to the club once you get promotions?
  3. Also started a salford save myself. Only 3 games in as i post this, will do some updates when i get further on the save. I Signed Adam mitchell as a BPD, really good stats for the league, wages are 1.5k though. Aaron Kuhl, probably most people know about him, playing as a DLP in DM position. Anton Rodgers, playing as mezzala, 25 years old good player for league 2, maybe decent for league 1, if you can afford him, get him, wages upwards 1.5k. Liam wakefield, cb/rb and richard bakary RB/RWB as backup to the first team. As loans go, had to bring in Rakeem Harper, because of the suggestions above, and with a 7.23 in 3 games with 2 assists and a goal he took the place from louis maynard in the first team. Niko Hämäläinen from QPR, because i play wingbacks and the team has no good player to play there. Tom Walker is decent but the defensive stats are horrible so he is backup. Also bought Ben Folami from Ipswich to play as an AF, im playing Rooney as a TM, with gaffney on the bench because i dont want to play 2 TM's. Tactic i chose was a selfmade, you could say a 2-3-2-1-2, with attacking wingbacks, attacking mentality, trying to play a throw everybody forward and score more than concede. Think i'm gonna see how far i can go with the tactic, but we'll see. Happy to take suggestions for players you signed in the future if you've had some gems.
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