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  1. The game turns my computer at completely at random, at first I thought it only happened in the morning so I stopped playing in the morning and now that isn't the case anymore as it will turn my PC either in a game, booting up and all the above. I have been using custom graphics since the start of FM19 and therefore I do no believe these to be the problem.
  2. Dunno if I should post this here as it may be unrelated but I need to post it somewhere. FM19 has now turned my PC off 10 times now in 2 weeks and I know it as I don't have this issue with the other games I play on my PC. This is now the last straw for me playing FM19 now gone as I just can not have any form with this game as this is but one of MANY issues I have regarding this game.
  3. I really despise the new "Team Fluidity" so much
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