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  1. Yay! CM97-98 possibly the best version of all, certainly the best CM2 release. The first one with a proper editor I believe (Gazza Euro 96 background, how I hated that image but loved that editor). I still recall fondly my Dutch save where I led Ajax (with Martin Lauchlan from Partick Thistle), then MVV, then Heerenveen, to multiple Champions Leagues with 10 seasons at each. The 30-season limit was a sad day but at least I felt like I had sort of completed the game rather than just abandoning it for a newer version. The first CM I got into was 95/96, played the UK version at my mate's house and couldn't believe the detail. Got the European version the next day and really expanded my knowledge of football in other countries! Most of the Belgian teams in that version have merged or died since then! And then guess what disc I found in a cupboard the other day! Tried playing it but to be honest it was a bit too easy. Was winning most games by 3 or 4 goals very quickly.
  2. Hey folks, I am using a skin with the Instant Result button (playing full as A team and instant as B team) but there is now (again) no subs being made by the AssMan. Had a match there where my loan striker was forced off with injury in the 54th minute and wasn't replaced, even though we had a striker on the bench - still drew 5-5! I recall this problem happening before but then it appeared to have been sorted. Any solution known to this. Mods, if you feel this is more of a technical issue than skin-related, please move.
  3. However I definitely sympathise with the OP and the disastrous ref! There should definitely be some reaction from the media and fans with such a performance in such a game. That would at least soften the blow slightly by giving the player something unusual to read. Hopefully this will be in future versions. It would definitely be my gut reaction to whack the shutdown button! But I have learned to punch soft furnishings instead and carry on! Better being honest in the long run...
  4. I have been playing champ/fm since I was 13 and in my younger days I did reload occasionally if I felt things had gone against me unfairly. Not normally cup finals or league deciders but a few quarter final failures. But it always felt a bit hollow to return and try again. Now I am older and the game is more sophisticated I just accept whatever happens down to luck and skill. In my last long save I lost a champions league semi with a last minute away goal cos I didnt change to a defensive tactic, and it hurt bad. But it would have been pointless restarting
  5. Sorry ignore my first question, just spotted the 'Use For Testimonial' box. But its definitely greyed-out. The question then is why with the 3 players as described above?
  6. Haha, weird that I had the same exact query at the same time...? Chao Yang, do you know if this option would be in the 'Date Available' box, or in the 'Friendly Type' dropdown? I have 2, maybe 3 players that I think would be eligible (33 years old, 9 months on contract, 233 league games for club / 34 years old, 9 months on contract, 259 league games for club / 32 years old, 15 months on contract, 380 league games for club). Any way I can get the club to encourage this process if it's their call and not mine?
  7. I agree its pretty cheeky to moan about a skin not being released when it is a lot of work, free to download and a great addition to the game due to the quality of the talented designers such as Tom, but I would question the logic of creating this WIP post when it was clearly (and understandably) going to be a while before it came out? There is no value in advertising the product prior to release so why not just save the posting for when the skin is ready and all this e-animosity would be avoided...?
  8. I have downloaded tonight mate, still to look but sounds good! Not sure why not just make 3rd tier have a split as well tho? 3 rounds is never ideal...
  9. Nice work, clearly a lot of thought has gone into the league splits and the teams to go in each.
  10. Nice one, I have just changed the file slightly reducing the prize money in version 2 (with Old Firm gone). Screenshots now adjusted to show this.
  11. Amended replacement file now added: Changes are adjusted prize money for Primera Lliga (see new screenshot) and names of national team and leagues included (these had been on a lnc file before so wouldn't show up if only the xml was downloaded, woops!)
  12. Oooh didn't know the AI was now doing subs, used Instant Result prior to 14.2 and it was pretty good, subs not getting played was the main issue. I am using Pervection skin, it has the feature.
  13. Pretty sure reply #2 is correct and reply 4# is incorrect - your rep gets set to the same as the lowest club in the same league as the you choose to manage. If you're starting unemployed tho, maybe it (automatic) does set itself to the lowest league to can manage in. Can SI confirm?
  14. Cant comment on FM14 as I am still on my 1st season but I hope its not too difficult, I agree previous versions were maybe too easy to get the youths, so if they make it costly for the club but the player is interested that would be fine, however it sounds like the OP is saying it is the player that knocks back the move which would/will be annoying if your club is a higher rep. What Chelsea and others did IRL was go for the boy without paying a decent fee to his development club which is unfair, I don't mind forking out £2m each for 3 16-year-olds as long as 1 of them turns out to be a top player.
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