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  1. I can try and translate this to Portuguese , but i dunno if i can manage to do it, but i can give it a try if you want
  2. https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clássico_(futebol)#Clássicos_de_Portugal Here you can find some of portugal i dont have my game right now i can't see if you have all of them ,you probalby have them, but just to be sure Another thing i'm going to ask and its probably going to help everyone, can you put the dates when you put the files? For example i dont know if i have the last version or not xD (edit: nevermind, theres the 1.0 or 2.0, sorry )
  3. yes there is, you can turn the "regen faces" off
  4. Like i said i dunno if was this guys version of what i used, but for me made no sense at all, i even compared 2 saves with it and without it was like a guy that was normally 12 on like 5 stats, with the "addon" they were almost 20, i guess it makes everything harder for sure i guess, but it does make the game not realistic on my eyes
  5. At least this file ill not be using , the others are really good, For my likes this isn't what im looking for, having overpowered staff right and left isn't good, i complain about the regen staff now imagine having real average coach coaching like Mourinho or Guardiola, oof
  6. Last year i used this, dunno if it was yours , and i stopped using it because this litterally just made every single staff so op and made no sense for me Was like searching for the weakest staff and they were Jose Mourinhos getting paid like such a small amount of salary for how good they are, is this the same thing?
  7. Sadly i need to agree LOL SI are better than those ones
  8. How can i put bigger pictures on the players? makes no sense for me having tons of pictures of players to only see a small box on the player profile
  9. What im more confused is how a game in 2019 as a regen face like this.
  10. I would love this, the ball is so horrible i dunno whats going on , on this guys heads...
  11. ON your opinion what's the players you always go for on the start of a new save?
  12. I thinks its their idea of worn, its the must ridiculous and ugly thing i ever seen on my life, i literally had a player that was running and making spots on the field...
  13. Can some one help me , how do i change the blue color to stay always black as the right side?
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