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  1. jumping should mean jumping .. extra height you get through jumping and can added to a player height If SI call it differently or mix it with other variables which already exist that don't make any sense logically and only reason they may done that is bcz of poor AI calculation or the DB team is not good enough to get all other variables involved right so have to put them back in jumping
  2. jumping should be how much a player get extra height from jumping .. so if he get 20 in jumping he may get extra 1m added to his height
  3. honest GOD 20 in jumping!! how many times we seen his feet jump so high? I think Evra feet can jump higher from the floor level... he win most of high balls not bcz of his amazing jumping but his height.. is ridiculous that SI try to pump a player skill to make a wrong calculation work instead of amending the AI calculation itslef if people argue that Height is counted in jumping, that is ridiculous , bcz we can easily make mistake while editing and make contradicting info ... why on hell you mix both when you already had a variable dedicated for it it should be easy ..... player's head reach Z height based on his Height + jumping (how much his feet can go high) .. let us say he is 190cm tall, and can add extra 40 cm from jumping higher = 230cm.. simple and clear and mistake free mixing both is stupid
  4. man just look to the guy test, the height is almost useless .. mertesacker would had been crying to win a ball in FM, and SI pump his other skills to make him effective which is not realistic .. as they should twick the calculation itself this is where SI got it wrong, they add too much variables that height difference end up marginal .. I will not be surprised if they put all related variables in one pot of calculation to make a simple equations call it what you want, but in reality height play big role not a marginal one
  5. this is why SI get it wrong i know that without a test mate as seen it during matches just look to how IRL mertesacker dominating without even the need to jump , he is a monster
  6. I was certain SI got who get the headers first wrong .. i tried to create a management game 15 years ago when was a kid and here is how i did the simple AI calc as far as I remember important factors are: - height - jumping - anticipation - Decision - willingness (Determination/moral/condition) - strength - location now how we do the calculation should have been as following 1- Filtering out players who won't fight for it : with every player in the trajectory of the crossed ball will attempt to get first, some will be filtered out bcz they know already they won't catch it , some are out bcz of low decision and by time they may decide the ball would had passed, some may not jump bcz they have little willingness from overall 3 related variables above. by end of this, we will end by potentially 4-5 players only 2- we need to take in consideration that some defenders or attackers may stop other from jumping by using their strength or illegally holding their shirts, so for both, jumping will not be counted .. and height will be a key factor (ex: mertesacker attacking or defensively) 3- anticipation/decision, players may change their position to trick the players marking him and get to the ball first , thus players locations will be amended during the crosses 4- from every player location now we need to see if the closest player in the trajectory of the ball will reach the ball or not, if not, it will be passed to 2nd one, ..etc. if 2 players are very close to each other so no advantage on location, then we use a combination of jumping and height (or just height if both players stopped each other from jumping). a players with good antcaipation/ willingness/decision will jump first too so he will have some advantage into reaching the right height to meet the ball. 5- at the end of all 4 previous steps, either someone will meet the ball or not . if someone get it first then heading skills can be used as a skill to see how good he can headed to the spot he want.. if everyone had missed the cross, the ball will go back in the play again
  7. how on hell you know who has the bes potential? if you are using a tool to see those hidden information , then don't come complaining pls all managers try to sign them, but you can't get them all and if you did end up with 10% of them, 90% turn out to be just good
  8. how the first statement make any sense? even today laptop can run FIFA kind engine let alone 5-10 years from now how 2D can tell you everything 3D can ? can you say if player used his left foot or the weaker right when scoring? can you say if your Striker scored from a deflected ball whether it hits his chest accidentally and gone inside or he actually used his legs to put the ball in? comn .. i can give you 100s of examples of times 2D can't tell you anything
  9. 3D match sure.. it offer better understanding of the gameplay
  10. as far s I know the Beta is send to testing teams months before the game release so not sure what if this Beta is the old Demo or not ... the timing of it is in same time as old Demo, am sure Sega would had problems if they allowed VIP access to people in Demo, so they decided to call Beta version .. beside, the game is already been written to DVDS, shipped and arrived to stores since days (seen a picture in FM page in FB yesterday), so the Final game already finished 1-2 weeks before, am not sure then why SEGA opted for a BETA version release when they could had put the Demo instead .. is ridiculous that we have to wait for a patch, just give us the Demo and it will be patched automatically, I wish if i can play the Demo when is out and can compare it to the Beta before been patched, bcz i have a feeling the quality would had been the same EDIT: i said enough imo .. that is my opinion if others don't agree, fair enough am not commenting further
  11. the Beta is the version they send it to the testing team and that is done months before just so you know ..
  12. it is just names .. Beta is full of bugs so is the Demo the Beta been released 2 weeks before final game just like the old Demos, just bcz SI call it now a Beta don't change that fact .. is just names again SI released the Demo before 2 weeks earlier, so sure the quality is acceptable, if not they would had waited more, trying to make a game perfect and fix the bugs is a never ending process if Si is worried about the quality, thus they need to wait more, why they didn't done that before when there was no Beta VIP release? why they don't release it now saying is not prefect and people need to wait 2 weeks for a patch to be applied for the Demo via steam automatically, I think no one will complain really and tbh everyone will be happy
  13. comn, just try to give the fans a poll between having the Beta as the demo (2 weeks earlier) or wait for the Demo which will be just 2-5 days but won't be that much different in term of bugs ... we both know what fans will want beside why wait for the patch to be applied to the demo? just dammit put the demo in steam 2 weeks before and let the demo be patched 2 weeks afterwards Steam should never be in business if it need more than 1-2 days to put a demo in the system .. and we shouldn't wait for a demo till a patch is ready, just bloody put the demo and patch it via steam when is available
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