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  1. Many thanks for the help, I have been using early crosses and I think regroup might be an option too. I will let you know how I get on, I'm poor little Venezia trying to mix it with the big boys so I'm not expecting miracles!
  2. Interesting, Vicario is ahead of Lezzerini for me. Schiavone is first team DM. Marsura is doing well, Zigoni comes on off the bench. Modolo is really struggling at Serie A level as well as Bruscagin... I'll spare you all the gory details! I've had Facundo Colidio on loan for a couple of seasons and he's been excellent thus far, top scorer last season and this season so far. I was chuffed to get promotion but I was under no illusions it was going to be extremely difficult given the size of the stadium and the facilities. Have you had any luck expanding these?
  3. Hey! I notice you're managing Venezia too. I managed to get promoted to Serie A in the first season too finishing runners up to Palermo. It's been tough, 1 win, 4 draws and 4 defeats - your mention of finishing 10th after a terrible start fills me with hope! What's your team line-up like?
  4. Interesting read, really well thought out and presented. Started using this tactic last night with my promoted Venezia in Serie A. It's been tough! Some promising results though, drew 1-1 with Roma at home. Drew 2-2 with Cagliari away, 0-0 away at Bologna. Went 3-1 up (HT) away from home at Pep Guardiola's Napoli; only to lose 5-3 with 2 late penalties given away. Lost at home against Atalanta after going 2-0 up, finished 3-2. Last match beat Sampdoria 4-1 at home. I would say we've generally been better since using this tactic, I've been fiddling with the defensive line and removed
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