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  1. This seems like the best place to post, has anyone else just been able to get Patrick Roberts as an end of contract signing? In my 3 saves so far (Ajax, St. Pauli, Marseilles) I've always been able to snag him for around 35-40k a week, and I am dreadful at contracts. Man City has fired Pep early on in all of these saves so that might be part of it but it seems awfully easy to get a guy of that quality for no transfer fee. Even if you don't plan on starting him you can still make 10ish mil in transfering him out if you give him even rotation time.
  2. @Ben Allingham I can’t relember exactly if it’s only throw ins, but it definitely seems to only happens on set pieces
  3. See later in the same highlight you can see both players "become" the goalie
  4. Hey, this is a weird bug I keep having, although the first time it cost me a goal. Sometimes I am just having outfield players...... become the goalie? You can see here on the screenshot my wingback is in the goalie garb (my goalie is the brown circle without a number in the midfield. This has happened a few other times, and is well, frustrating. Every time this comes up I do double check the tactics screen to make sure the players have not somehow switched around in there, but everything is fine there, and I have also seen that during the same highlight the goalie will "snap back" into wearing his kit/playing in goal again.
  5. In my Ajax save I've noticed it pop up every now and again, seems to be even more common in European competitions for me at least. A nice touch for sure
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