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  1. Yes I used custom graphics and skins. After your suggestion i stopped to use the custom skin and it worked. Now i can go past 12 June. Thank you.
  2. Hello there, I always get a crash dump if i open a mail about financial situation. If i try to skip the message and just move on, the game crashes in the next 1-2 days as soon as i get back into the mails. The Date is the 12th June of 2022, WM just started (maybe thats the problem?!) but overall its more about the email instead of the date. I didnt used the ingame editor. I used this workshop content for this save. I uploaded my save to the SI Cloud Service, the name is Florian Flatzn - Hertha.fm. FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.18 15.45.36).dmp
  3. Do i need to start a new save for this small update if i've already startet a season with the "german leagues" content from your steam workshop?
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