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  1. Have taken an immediate shine to Firminho. Work ethic, awareness and technical ability. Also, that half sort of showed where Can should ultimately end up. As a forward thinking midfielder. It's easily where he's most effective. Ability to go past people as drives forward offers us loads of penetration from midfield. Should be challenging Henderson for that role for me. In theory, I like him a lot more.
  2. Lucas for me. Lucas talks to refs, talks to his team mates, is very positive. Agger, to me, just looks a bit of a moaner.
  3. Yeah, we're talking about new players for next season. New thread. Our first friendly is only four weeks off tomorrow
  4. Nah, Robben won't want to come here. Pretty obvious one that. Jounos imaginations running wild. How much is he worth? £25-30m? He's 29 so I can't see it being over £30m.
  5. I don't think we're that competitive either, but compared to when Suarez came here and the proceeding couple of years? For me post-Coutinho, Sturridge and Lucas coming back we look more competitive than we have since Rafa was sacked. --- After the January transfer window I'm actually really excited by the possibility we could have (Suarez £40m + Carroll £15m + Extra £15m) maybe £70m+ to spend this summer. Even if Suarez wasn't crying to the press about wanting away a bid upwards of £40m would have been a very interesting decision. We need to be looking at players who are going to be on the same wavelength as Coutinho and Sturridge. Players whose strengths actually fit together and make each other better. Coutinho makes Sturridge look a better player with his ability to spot his movement in behind and weight his passes beautifully to take advantage of Sturridge's pace. The same way Sturridge is making it a lot easier for Coutinho to find space by disrupting back lines who want to push up but are terrified of his pace and Coutinho's passing and end up zig-zagged. Every time I try to talk about Suarez's strengths I end up saying what a skilled individual he is. But the fact he's so individual is a bit of a problem. It must be very frustrating playing with him in one sense. Obviously you love his work rate and mentality, but on the other hand his unpredictability and unusual style must be baffling at times. Whilst I obviously don't think we're a better team without him, I HOPE we can spend the £40m as well as we did in January and make us a better team.
  6. Hmmm, he came to us when we were mid table after just sacking Hodgson and the previous year finishing 6th. I think what you mean is his reputation has increased dramatically whilst he's been here and has now grown too big for the club in his eyes rather than we are now much less competitive than when he came here.
  7. For what price though? I think it becomes an interesting decision at around £40m.
  8. Sturridge has reached 10 goals in the PL quicker than any other Liverpool player - 13 games. Previous fastest - Fowler & Torres - 18 games.
  9. People don't really bring it up when Suarez has bad games either. Which he has a lot more often than most people want to admit. Sturridge is a top footballer. His technique, speed of feet, first touch, pace are all top draw. His finishing is fairly good, so is his passing. When he gets his head up he can pick out some lovely balls out wide and switches the play quite intelligently. I don't think he's a better player but I think he works as our number 9 better than Suarez. He has a significant pace edge over Luis and technique edge to make the ball stick in in the final third a bit better. In terms of raw talent you're mental if you don't think he's a special footballer. Two flaws: inconsistency and single-mindedness. The latter I think is something we need to work on, 100% agree. But I think people are being slightly hypocritical when they bury him for it when our star player is equally selfish/single-minded. His inconsistency is born from the team inconsistency imo. In the second half of the season the pace of Sturridge, the vision of Coutinho and the lungs of Henderson have been top notch away from home. Breaking down teams in at home though has been a bit of a problem at times. We need another 'guile' player imo, Sturridge isn't the problem.
  10. For all the mocking our potential signing of Williams, does anyone actually know if he's good or not? Genuine question. Like has anyone seen him minimum 7-10 times? Must be someone. Because, y'know, Swansea are only two places below us and he is one of their best players.
  11. Hmmm, Coutinho and Sturridge are different classes of player mate. Both a level above.
  12. Reading that back it looks like I've really knee-jerked after the Newcastle game and I'm not denying that's had a part in it (Coutinho and Sturridge just really 'get' each other don't they?) but I've had these niggling doubts about Suarez in my mind for a while. Such an odd player.
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