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  1. ill give another example... coach dont you think that a team whos going to be coach by mourinho,guardiola,klopp should increase some players value that are affected by moral,the pleasure of beeing coach by them,the need to train harder to show them... and a team wich would be trained by me in the early stage of my carrer with median atributs and median reputation should have the oposite effect on players,not just the moral.
  2. cheers,i think there should be a table of values for some things that would make CA and PA flutuate --competions for example a player has 85-140 his in belgian 1 league..then he goes to england premiere ..his PA-CA should automaticly increase 10 to 95-150..that was the value of that division.. --performance for example a player that has a very good season shoul increase PA for 5 points...if he has a bad season decrease 5 points ps: how many players we se in real life that come from lowers divisions and make a jump and become a star...but here almost all of them are low PA .... look kante ..with this system..imagine a player like him 18 years was in 3 division with 110 PA ...but i get it to my first division...his PA should pass to 130 for jumping 2 divisions...and if he make 1 or 2 good seasons could reach at 20 140 PA ...if he will reach that its our job as a manager....but with this system we could look better to low divisions players witouth a cross on them because of their low fixed potential.
  3. im loving the game,this year this match engine is the best.. but not perfect... but the thing that caught my atention so far is penalties.. until now i had 4 , 2 the keeper saved...the other 2 missed the target. is it a bug or bad luck...ill go on checking. but my congratulations to the work this year.
  4. it feels the values dont reflect at all in the game.. resistance...fadigue...we see it in the heart condition but dont see effect on the field... as tecnique or passing for example...many times weak passing players do a match with great passes like they were iniesta. fadigue for me always have been an issue in fm i cant remember make a subs because my player is finish and stars to make bad decisions...bad passes...why....because i believe if a player has good composer...good passing...we will always do it well no matter how tired he is
  5. here s how i play fm since fm 19 --no editor --no editors scouts --atribute masks --don t by that key players that most of us do ..that we know are top wonderkids..or rated players.. ---make my tactics ---make my training and so...with that said...i get very trouble in having sucess..and its a real chalenge that i love and i emerge on to... cheers
  6. firts...i think this is one of the best match engines so far...some minor things that can be fixed until release hoping they dont screw the rest. but heres my concern... i play benfica and i put against RAPID on champions league playoff a team just for fun...to see how punished i would be for putting a bad team on the pitch. so i choose most players from B team...and a few( the weakest) of the A and put them complete out of space...ex( gilberto as a midfielder on atack.. the result is ....well...how can i say it...not good.. i won 3-0 with great football...gilberto 8.1 note...and the most of the others with 7.4 up... damn... i always heard people complaining that putting messi or another random player if you watch full game you wont notice a big diference.... at this time i dont know what to think,,,was it a lucky game???or...indeed players skills and atributs still dont have a major part... i hope not...because i realy enjoy this fm21 so far. cheers
  7. congratrulations for the good work luka of benfica is a mac or shadow striker...but in the game he starts as winger on the right side as best position
  8. lets make a pool to see who gets it on time savatage----- tonight 22.00
  9. this game is amazing... look...every year we buy it... with a lot of bugs...sending patchs after patchs some of them with major alterations that make us begin again....have a amazing comunity that makes the work for them....graphics...photos...logos....etc...etc..... the graphics dont improve because....there are people that cant buy pc in the last 5...6 years...( all the other major pc games ..ARE ALL CRAZY...making better games every year...)...a comunity that year after year helps giving advise ideias that most of all never get listen.... SI PEOPLE...we love the game...we love your work...but please... IMPROVE THE AI so we can have a really experience ...so we can see real diferents in tactics aproach...so we can see real dificulty in reaching the top...so we can see real diferents betwen a player with 18 speed and a 10... IMPROVE A LITLE EVERY YEAR THE GRAPHICS ..more animations...why my team dont have the same stadium when playing a t home... IMPROVE THE TRAINING SYSTEM ...actualy i think most of the people cant make his training resuming...beautifull game...endless game....respect for your work ...
  10. cheers,i ve been updating the database a long time,with the transfers,promotions and relegations,today i pull the database and almost everything has gonne up,does anyone have a explanation?even thing i changed and saved weeks ago...what a hell
  11. i m still confuse i ve updated..so now i play this beta...when the patch release it will automaticly donwload and i still carry on the saved game, is ther need to do anything else to carry on or just uploaded and continue save game? thanks
  12. i have the game ,so i have to download again? i dont understand
  13. does anyone tried to save a tatic and uploaded in other game? when i do that,the players instrutions always disapear,i have to do again all the way...damn
  14. thanks thats my doubts too does that affectes the team,tactics, i mean as a amateur manager does the players act diferent ,learn diferent ,than a experience manager?? i dont have experience as a professional player and manager,so i like to beging as a amateur but i never do because i m affraid the game make it more harder(realistic ,more realistic) but i would like to understand the real impact on the team
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