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  1. this game is amazing... look...every year we buy it... with a lot of bugs...sending patchs after patchs some of them with major alterations that make us begin again....have a amazing comunity that makes the work for them....graphics...photos...logos....etc...etc..... the graphics dont improve because....there are people that cant buy pc in the last 5...6 years...( all the other major pc games ..ARE ALL CRAZY...making better games every year...)...a comunity that year after year helps giving advise ideias that most of all never get listen.... SI PEOPLE...we love the
  2. cheers,i ve been updating the database a long time,with the transfers,promotions and relegations,today i pull the database and almost everything has gonne up,does anyone have a explanation?even thing i changed and saved weeks ago...what a hell
  3. i m still confuse i ve updated..so now i play this beta...when the patch release it will automaticly donwload and i still carry on the saved game, is ther need to do anything else to carry on or just uploaded and continue save game? thanks
  4. i have the game ,so i have to download again? i dont understand
  5. does anyone tried to save a tatic and uploaded in other game? when i do that,the players instrutions always disapear,i have to do again all the way...damn
  6. thanks thats my doubts too does that affectes the team,tactics, i mean as a amateur manager does the players act diferent ,learn diferent ,than a experience manager?? i dont have experience as a professional player and manager,so i like to beging as a amateur but i never do because i m affraid the game make it more harder(realistic ,more realistic) but i would like to understand the real impact on the team
  7. hi can you tell me if manager experience( amateur,semi pro...)afects de dificulty of the game? i mean if i am a amateur coach training a premiere league club wil the game make it a bit easy for me,or will difficult my work? cheers
  8. Hi.could you please tell me a timeline(if theres one) for a patch that we have to beging again a game.i play full time and its very frustrating after hours and hours in a season ..begin again because theres a fix for major issues. If its only for january ..ill start ..but if its going to happen in the next days ir weeks ill problaby wait for a game carrer. Thank you
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