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  1. Yeah, seems so. I just wanted to add my local sunday leagues to the database to make a more local game to me. Will keep plugging away and hopefully it will work out.
  2. Yeah i reloaded the database and that seemed to resolve the issue. Then I added in my local Sunday leagues and now ive got the same issue but with one of those. All dates seem ok and match those of the other leagues which are running fine.
  3. No just division 1, all the others were fine which is why i thought it a bit strange and maybe more to do with my system.
  4. It was the staffordshire county League that I was looking, all the dates are in place as far as I can see and I checked against the other divisions to see if anything looked different and was all the same. I suspect might be a case of too many leagues for my system?
  5. Has anyone had any issues with divisions not having their fixtures scheduled? I have a division at the start of the new save season with a list of teams, no league table and the message saying "Competition not yet scheduled", I then look and see that it says "Competition start/end 1st January 1900". Checked in the database and the league start/end dates are all as expected? Just wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows how to resolve it?
  6. Ahh brilliant, I will have a bash at that tonight after work then! When I first added to the database i trtied a test run and one of the divisions just said "Competition has not yet been scheduled" and the start date is given as 1st Jan 1900! I looked back in the editor and all the dates are filled the same throughout so not sure why this one division keeps appearing differently? I dont suppose you have any ideas what I may have done wrong?
  7. Thank you so much for your help, I think im slowly getting there, couple of additional questions if you dont mind me asking, Main stage and sub stage name? What do these refer to? On the cup rounds where it asks "Number of teams added to the round" I have added the number that will drop into that round from the other competition but it keeps giving me an error message saying the numbers dont match? Do I not need to add them in? Thank you in advance for your help
  8. Thank you for the offer to help, I think I have resolved it now. I had the leagues set as "Youth leagues" and they never show to put in. However if I just leave them as "Domestic league" then they appear and I can place them as under 18 leagues in the editor.
  9. Looking to add to my database a local u18 youth league, it wont be playable but to run in the background like the original u18 leagues do in the game. I have created the divisions and put in the various u18 teams but cannot get them to show in my new save. How do I do this? i dont actually want to manage in them, just have them in the background for various lower league clubs u18 teams. Each time I go into the nation rules, i try to put them in and they dont show in the selection list. If anyone is willing to offer any help I would be much appreciative.
  10. Hello I am currently creating a domestic cup that see's the first round losing teams drop automatically into a subsidery cup. I have managed to set up thecompetitions but now cannot see how to set to drop into a sub cup competition. Onine i keep reading about "Fate" but I cannot see this in the editor and so I am wondering if anyone can give me a little bit of guidance please?
  11. Hi everyone, Just looking for a bit of advice, i am using the level 13 database but have created a league that consists of defunct teams who im bringing back to life. I want that one division to feed into the Staffordshire county league division 2. What is the best way for me to do this & ensure a relegation of 2 teams from the staffs county division 2 & a promotion from my new league? Hope this makes sense, i cant wait to get playing, Dans work is superb & this has reignited my FM passion. Any help/guidance is much appreciated
  12. Awesome thank you soooo much, cant wait to get cracking and play.
  13. Hi Dan, Superb work, Just wondering whether the staffordshire county league division 2 will be in level 13 or is that it now, only asking as im going to start a new game and that is the last league i need for all my local leagues to be complete
  14. Superb work once again! Is there a plan to put the various league cups in or how difficult is it for us to do it ourselves?
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