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  1. I don't have much money in the club.Can't afford expensive TM. TM in my formation needs not only header, but also speed and explosion, which makes it easier to counter offside. My formation is very compressed, mainly on the ground pass. TM has many assists. If passing is good and the field of vision is very wide, it will be better. This person in the picture is my substitute TM. I have two sets of fixed lineups, because this generation has a series, if two people play for a long time and do not exclude each other, they will form a combination, such cooperation will be much stronge
  2. The longer the time, the longer the running in, and the more tacit understanding, the better.Thank you for your feedback. The above is computer translation, my English is not very good.3Q.
  3. 哈哈哈哈,多谢多谢。 PLAYGM论坛好像你也是这个名字。
  4. I'm sorry i don't know any English. So. Just try it. STAR-Z V.1.1.fmf
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