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  1. Sorry to keep troubling you with questions, but... Is it not possible to load your current save into the editor? The only reason I ask is that I'm completely unable to locate my "custom" club within the editor.
  2. Thanks again. Are there any file(s) I should back-up prior to mucking about in the editor?
  3. I'm assuming the contract types can be checked / set within the editor? Finally, is it possible this is working as intended? I'd rather not, well, cheat if this is the way it's supposed to be. Thanks!
  4. Hey all, I'm using the excellent lower league database provided by Dan BHTFC for FM2018. In my current save, I have a "create a club" squad in the 8th tier. I recently discovered that I cannot offer part-time (or full-time) contracts to players. I can only offer non-contract. Weirdly I can offer part-time contracts to staff, and there were 3 players on part-time contracts when I took over the club.... but, as before, I can't offer part-time contracts to any player for any reason (it's not even an option in the drop down). Note that the club is semi-professional (started that way). Ostensibly all the other clubs in my league are able to offer part-time contracts, as I routinely see players on part-time contracts. So, is this an issue with the lower league database, or is it working as intended? If the latter, when / how will I be able to offer part-time contracts? If this is an issue with the database itself, is there a way to correct the problem using the editor? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance. I'd love to get this fixed as I lose a lot of players each season to clubs sniping them off my roster (due to being non-contract).
  5. I'll try and snipe an opponent's top goal scorer / top assists before playing them -- if it's a big / "must win" sort of game. Offer a tempting contract, and hope they take the bait.... ideally with not enough time for them to sign a quality replacement, You can only employ this dirty tactic against teams that primarily employ cheap-ish non-contract players. After the game, they'll either stay on my squad, or I send 'em packing. Typically the latter. It doesn't work that often but I've beaten every team I've done this against when it does (for that particular match anyway).
  6. Hey all, Hopefully I can get some help with this, as it's starting to get aggravating. Anyway..... managing a "create a club" squad in the 8th tier of english football. My 3rd season is just beginning. I missed the one automatic promotion slot at the end of the previous season by a goal differential of 1, and, infuriatingly, lost in the playoff finals. I'd like to think I had automatic promotion locked up until a bigger club swooped in an sniped my best 2 players about 3/4ths of the way through the season.... which (I believe) lead to a poor run of form. Prior to losing those players I was on a 21 game unbeaten streak. That convinced me that I have to tie down some of my players with actual contracts (all my signings up to this point have been non-contract). Unfortunately, I've discovered I can't offer part-time or full-time contracts to anyone (except staff). The only option I'm allowed, for players, is non contract. The club's status is "semi professional". What am I missing? Strangely, the day I took over the club they had 3 players on part-time contracts. Please tell me this isn't a bug, as I really don't want to start all over again.
  7. So "currently spending" doesn't represent what you're actually spending at that precise moment in time. It's what you spent over the past season / year? God damn, they need a new term for that value. That was driving me crazy. Anyway, thank you -- that helps a lot.
  8. But the vast majority of my players are non-contract and on vacation. The only get paid via shut-outs, goal bonuses, appearance fees, etc. If they're not playing, they literally can't get paid, right? How can the club still be "currently" spending 32k when all my non-contracted players are on vacation? It's the same amount prior to them going on vacation. This is what I don't understand.
  9. Hey all, I've asked this question on various forums but, candidly, the answers I'm getting leave me more confused than ever. Hopefully y'all can enlighten me. Anyway, I have a LLM game going, 8th tier of the English football pyramid. Shoestring budget. My first season just ended, finished in 8th place (would have made the playoffs but for an infuriating run of bad form in the last handful of games). It's early / mid June. My players are on vacation. I go into the finances screen and see the following: Budget: 27.5k Currently Spending: 35k Committed spending: 15k Given that I'm financially anal IRL, I utterly detest seeing that red "currently spending" entry. I have no idea how it got that high, but it's been steadily climbing since October of the previous year. I decide to "set for release" the 3 players I have on part-time contract (7k, 4k, 4k = 15k) for two reasons: they're under-performing, and I need to get my "currently spending" down. I set them for release. My committed spending dutifully drops to 0k. My "currently spending"..... stays exactly the same. How can I "currently" be spending 35k when my players are on vacation (read: not getting paid), and the only contracted players I had have been set for release? Other than my coaching wage, staff wages and other incidental expenses, I shouldn't "currently" be spending money on anything else (that I'm aware of). At the very least I would have expected my "currently spending" to be down to 20k (35k - 15k, due to the released contracted players). So, what exactly is "currently spending"? And, more importantly, how the heck do I bring it down? If absolving myself of 15k of contractual obligation makes absolutely no difference, what does? One more final question that I can't get a concrete answer on: Staff wages. I can't figure what effect -- if any -- this has on my club's finances. No matter how much staff I have, or how much I'm paying them doesn't appear to have any effect on my wage budget. What pot of money is paying my staff? Does it come out of the overall budget? Is it factored into the "Currently Spending" value? I read elsewhere that it has no bearing on your wage budget, so I thought to myself: Great! I'll hire as much staff as I want! In previous games I only hired the bare minimum of staff. In this game I've been hiring as much staff as I can. I have the best coaching / scouting / medical staff in the division (by far).... but now I'm wondering if my "Currently Spending" is so high due to my staff wages. Or, to put it another way: should I be prudent with my staffing hires (vis-a-vis budgetary concerns) or is the sky the limit? Thanks in advance! Awesome game, btw.
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