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  1. I'm glad he's managing to score goals but I don't have an issue with scoring goals. My issue comes down to the way the team is playing.
  2. Are you scoring goals mostly from crosses? I've used a similar formation but scored predominantly from crosses and wasn't enjoying the style of football.
  3. If you're referring to my post I meant attack extremely wide just as extremely wide team shape when attacking and also I have tried everything I can think off, even the most absurd, unconventional and frankly nonsensical when it comes to instructions and roles.
  4. There's currently 3 other treads active which are talking about possession football, have a look at them and try get some ideas? I along with many others are having zero success with possession football and breaking down teams so hopefully somebody with some insight can help us all
  5. No it doesn't but gathering information and evaluating trends is how people build up to conclusions.
  6. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not with the amount of posts you have
  7. Could somebody please post screenshots of their successful possession tactic? I've tried everything and watched people who've been playing the game for 10+ years give up on possession football. I'm asking purely because I'd like to see where I'm going wrong because so far I have tried literally everything and nothing seems to work.
  8. A lot of people having the same issues and after many hours of trial and error with mid table and top table teams I still haven't managed to come up with a solution to the problem. It's most likely looking like a match engine issue at this point in time.
  9. I've tried possession football as well and kept around 60% possession against all teams. (which is absurd with a newly promoted Swansea team) and came across the same issue, however even playing on attack extremely wide doesn't help opening up and channels and neither does playing with wings. I had some minor success with playing extremely wide and using wingers and then using inverted fullbacks, however most of the time they ended up just running in on goal and putting the ball out for touch with their shots . Watching a few games on Full Match it seems to me like the front 3 players aren't moving at all and the playmaker(s) aren't even trying to make something happen. It's not like I just wasn't seeing the passes that didn't come off because I was watching highlights, they simply weren't even trying anything, but this also seemed to be the result of poor movement by the front 3. Edit* Tactic was also tried using Man City to rule out poor player performances. Same issues, 1 or 2 more goals due to solo efforts.
  10. Basically the issue I'm having with the game. I have a save with Swansea and recently did a quick save with Man City because I thought maybe my players were just incapable of possession football. However I'm having the same issues. 60 - 70% possession with no KP no CCC. I've tried dropping deeper, spreading wider to create channels, different roles, I really have tried everything. I have no issue at all scoring with a more counter-attacking/crossing formation. It's almost like as soon as my team goes over 53% possession the ME just says no goals for you . In addition it really feels like the PI's and TI's aren't working properly either. I don't just want to win games by any means, I'd rather lose playing good football than win playing a cross/corner/set piece overload.
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