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  1. One of these new guns are bound to be OP aren’t they
  2. I always play with crossplay off. Never have to wait to get in lobbies
  3. Will never beat those days for gaming. 1. The games were better, wish COD will get back to those heights. 2. Was always a number of people online to play with a full team I still game with Jose, Walker, Hovi and Ant but thats it nowadays
  4. Express is back 😎 and it is double XP weekend!!
  5. Ah ok yeh i used a set tactic and only changed one or 2 things tbh. next save game ill do ill create from scratch then
  6. Got back into playing this again pst week or so and have continued with my first save as Leyton Orient. Now in season and my first in The Prem. i know was talk of being too easy on release. Has the patches since done anything? Because winning L2, L1 (2nd season in that league) and winning the Championship to get here this quick is ridiculous tbh. My squad should have been out of its depth in Championship let alone the Prem. think im currently 15th with 16 points from opening 15 games with a 4 point cushion from relegation places
  7. Reason why i chose to do ARs over SMGs is because you still need longshot kills with SMG. That would do my head in
  8. I liked Express so that along with Raid are two great additions for me. ive decided to go and try get gold ARs now. Seeing as i am the only one with Cold War MP who i usually play with its something to aim for. So Nuketown 24/7 i play for the most part atm and im sick of it 😊 1 down now though
  9. Yeh CW is a big improvement from last couple for me. Just more back to basics i feel and the buggest things is the maps are an improvement imo which instantly makes it more playable for longer than a few weeks
  10. DMR nerfed again too. I won’t be on myself til Saturday now probably to check it out
  11. Warzone is just a mess atm. They need to sort it out quick. luckily i quite enjoy Cold War MP to get my CoD fix even if is frustrating when get put with complete idiots for team mates
  12. Can tell just how downhill CoD has gone each and every year. Now only 1 person on my friends list has played it. Used to be full friends list of people playing it, always full parties of 6 etc. Saying that so far i am actually enjoying it, certainly more than the last 3 versions in terms of multiplayer. Unfortunately will never be the same as CoD4 and MW2 heydey though.
  13. Yeh the shooting is why i haven’t touched it in a month plus now. Trying to hit a jump shot is a joke. Even with a wide open Klay with shoes that boost his shooting even more from corner 3 i hit like 1 in 20.
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