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  1. Think im gonna go Roma as my first save this year to ease my way into the game
  2. Another good goal that, great hit on the volley
  3. So Lampard had a chat with Luke Shaw and Shaw didn't know who Tony Adams was? just saw it on twitter on the metro sport account. really!
  4. The U-21's not on TV then? kick off in 15mins but cant find it when I just had a look,
  5. Besic of Bosnia (Never saw their second game) and Blind from Holland ive liked the look of and id like to see in the Prem
  6. Ffs! Going on holiday for 2 weeks from 2nd group game onwards i think, rules me out of the cash game Gonna be a big jackpot too if everyone pays up who said they are in
  7. George Porter Last season had a spell in October/November time when we were so bad and he was our in form player and looked good due to the rest being so bad. Nothing I saw for myself that was anything special just a good turn of pace and direct. Think it went to his head a bit got big headed fell out with Slade for whatever reason then Burnley were mentioned being interested had his head turned imo and wern't interested anymore. Hardly got a look in 2nd half of the season.
  8. Yeh but still had a chance of it, just now there is 1 less team battling for it which is only a good thing.
  9. Well thats 1 less team for Orient to battle to sneak playoffs after Coventry deducted 10 points. Very much the outsiders for it though.
  10. Its happening again! We (Orient) seem to have a habit of flirting with the playoffs at this stage of the season before falling away with about 6 games to go rather than it go down to the wire Lisbie back for us is a massive boost though and with Batt actually being useful and getting a couple goals im hoping it can last for a few more games yet and see how we cope with the nerves battling it out with a number of teams, decent night of results for us too
  11. Erm what the hell have I just heard, Di Canio is the favourite to be next Swindon manager?
  12. Yeh that is correct about the televised games as the first leg of Orient vs Southend is televised and second leg is not as it currently stands.
  13. Ah didnt know that! still should of gone in for him on loan. Yeh definately! at fully fit and his best id say too good for L1 too tbh. A mid table championship club is his level when at his best
  14. What!? how the hell has Tamika Mkandwire ended up a Southend ffs! Why didnt Orient swoop back in for him!!
  15. I predicted 0-0 in the prediction thread so hope your wrong chops
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