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  1. I have one last thing to say. I have never uploaded a pkm or created a bug thread and I will never do so "because of principles". I honestly can´t be bothered to provide anything more than just my general feedback. But I absolutely appreciate all the people who are willing to spend their precious time helping developers to repair the game. Yes, I say repair, because I honestly feel that the ME is broken, but of course, it is just my opinion and I know we can have an infinitely long debate about what "broken" really means. I appreciate that SI continuously work on the game and the staff are active and communicating which is definitely not an industry standard. But I cannot help myself but to think that their communication is very often confusing, vague and not helping at all. It is also weird that sometimes it seems that Si were genuinely unaware of a blatantly obvious issue before it was raised. Do SI not see that GK does not distribute it quickly despite being told to do so? Do they not see that that there are 20 corners a game? Do they not see that a bright green text on a white background is difficult to read? There are so many obvious bugs that one has to wonder how come the game is released in such a state, especially when a number of these bugs have been in the game for years.
  2. I know that no one cares but I am officially done with this edition. I made the mistake of buying first and skipped the demo, should have known better. Without any exaggeration, this really is the worst ME ever. Everything has been said and analyzed already so no point for repeating the same all over again. I knew we were in trouble when Neil Brock said they had tried over sixty versions of this ME. It would be naive to think that 64th or 65th version would suddenly nail it. What shocks me is that according to an SI staff member, this is allegedly the best ME ever. Now I am going to grab a beer and watch real football with real passing and hopefully some beautiful goals, bring it on Liverpool and Napoli. After playing another 5 games with this ME I really need to be reminded that football can be entertaining.
  3. (I need to see patch 19.2 at least going in the right direction (especially for central play and striker movement), really hope feedback from live beta can make a difference here.) Well I am on ME 1922 and it is still very bad. Ai plays uber defensively which in combination with zero movement and vision from attacking players makes games unbearable. They also toned down accuracy of headers and shooting in general which means......well, you get what I mean.
  4. This seems like a goal from counter attack. It has been noted many times that scoring from counters is not the issue.
  5. I think that the latest beta update (ME 1922) is worse than the last one. I am once again seeing COMPLETE lack of central play, defenders making stupid clearances and accuracy in general (especially from headers) is extremely poor. It also seems to me that movement of attacking players has been nerfed down. The last update seemed to be on the right track so I am disappointed with this one.
  6. Well, this just proves my point. West Ham actually attempted more passes than city which is ridiculous. There is just not enough difference between teams. I think that only physical attributes are really manifested in games. Technical and mental stats seem to have almost no effect on the way players play. Watch Messi or Suarez in the game and tell me that you see they are way better than the rest. You can´t, they are not.
  7. Martin#

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    Also, another problem I have is with attribute distribution of newgens. There is an obvious pattern when players seriously lack in terms of aggression and bravery. In general, mental stats are distributed extremely poorly in newgens and it has been going on for years.
  8. Martin#

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    I get it but it still does not change the fact the the game could implement a certain random factor when a player with 150 PA, after say 2 great seasons, can now have 180 PA. Just more unpredictability.
  9. Martin#

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    He can be your Vardy only when his PA was predetermined to be good enough to pull off a "Vardy". It is obvious that the game is lacking in this area.
  10. Martin#

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    I 100% agree with you, unfortunately more sophisticated does not mean better or more realistic. I cannot help myself but ever since they introduced collision detection in 2012 the ME has been really troublesome. I recently watched a video of fm 2012 and it was obvious the games were "simpler" but in the end more enjoyable and, at least for me, resembled real football more.
  11. I honestly do not know their body language. Some were pressure situations but most of them were when i was one up and that goal would seal it. But for two world class players to have this conversion rate is fishy especially because both have very good form right know.
  12. His composure is 19. The other guy with 19 penalty attribute has composure 15 (eden hazard). Another guy in this forum already complained about penalties. i am changing penalty taker to a dude with 14 and i´ll see what happens. So far I have taken 15 penalties and converted 5.
  13. Haha, the same guy just missed even his fifth one, then I was awarded with another penalty and finally he scored. 1/6.
  14. EDIT: Now the guy with 20 for penalties has missed his fourth in a row which makes it 0/4.
  15. Penalties are getting ridiculous. Have two takers, one with 19 and the other one with 20 attribute for penalties. 19 scored 4/11. 20 scored 0/3.