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  1. Contract demands are ridiculous even after the alleged tweak. 3 months after signing a nice contract the players comes again and guess what. We do not knot what is going on behind closed doors at clubs but I refuse to believe that managers need to lock themselves in their offices to escape from all those guys wanting improved deals. Also, I see a lot of suspicious transfers. In my safe, Hazard went to Liverpool. Seriously? Mourinho is in charge of Arsenal, Man City and Man United are selling players to each other etc. ( I need to edit this before someone tells me it happens - these teams in 3 seasons exchanged 5 players, and good ones, home grown players! Lingard for example. Seems a bit too much). Its also interesting how a world class player gets unsettled when a SMALLER team wants his services. My example: I manage Real Madrid and have a great MC in my team. I have won 3 La liga titles in row, 2 out of 3 UCL and every other trophy available, breaking all sorts of records. Now Tottenham bid 30 million. Ridiculously low and I reject. But the player is unhappy that I did not allow him to speak to the club as it would be a great opportunity for his career and nnow refuses to sign a new contract:-DD TOTTENHAM? They are not even in Champions League, have finished 6, 7 and 7. Had the same thing happen with a centre back and a full back. AI´s squad building skills are still far from good. I see teams such as barcelona playing 35 year old strikers with no competent alternatives but they are stacking full backs and defenders. PSG offered me 100 million for 30 year old Carvajal.
  2. Yea, blocked crosses and shots. Players absolutely do not try to maneuver in tights spaces, even world class dribblers just stand for a second and then shoot against the defender, rinse and repeat. Also, I never see strikers go round the keeper or lob the ball. Even players with these PPMs never do it. All players just close their eyes and hope for the best. This needs significant improvement. The question is, how come that ten years ago, you saw this in FM all the time and now, when the game´s engine is far more sophisticated, the decision-making is atrocious.
  3. While the ME definitely has major issues, I think that the main culprit behind all those boring and frustrating matches is AI. When you actually play a team that wants to play football, then matches can look decent. In real world, when a team parks the bus, you will rarely enjoy watching such a game. And since 90% of AI managers in FM19 play like Mourinho against Barca in 2010 UCL semifinals with Inter (regardless of context and even in games when they absolutely must win), no wonder it hurts your eyes. Making ME changes must be extremely difficult to balance, I get it, but changing AI managers mentality to be more daring cannot be such an issue, come on! Right now, when you have at least a semi-decent team, you basically only think about how to break down the opposition, because you know well that unless they score from 40 yards or a corner, they are basically harmless. After managing in England I went to Spain and expected to see more attacking and technical ability from AI teams but it does not matter. I also disagree with Amarante that pressing is okay. I don´t think so. Even with the highest LOE and urgency, players still don´t press high and strong enough. Even in the first minutes of games at home I see players watching defenders exchange passes ad nauseam. Often I see my player step back, and then suddenly come forward again and press when it is no longer needed at that point. Pressing in your own half also does not work as it should because players get too much time on the ball allowing them to score all those screamers. One more thing: I´ve played FM games for more than a decade and never ever have been 1 on 1s overpowered. We´ve seen too many goals from corners, from long shots, from crosses, from headers, from free kicks, from everything BUT 1 on 1 situations have always been squandered way too often. I wonder why this is the case. I know that in the past it was too easy to get a 1 on 1 but now, with the lack of through balls it is actually pretty hard so there is no need for it to be nerfed.
  4. Well its not only about "noise". Some fans can create an extremely hostile environment where for 90 minutes you keep hearing insults, threats and overall you feel very unwelcome :-D The argument about knowledge of surroundings is not very valid in my opinion as teams play each other all the time so they know away stadiums pretty well. It is definitely a combination of a number of factors which cannot be really quantified I guess. But I agree, home advantage really seems to be overpowered in FM and it has been like that for a long time.
  5. I find it hard to believe that you don´t experience long shot problems. Check out AI vs AI matches. You may think that just because you do not see it as often in the games you take part in, you are fine but it does not mean that you are not affected by it. You are a part of the football world the game offers to you, and this world, in its current state, suffers from long shot issues. You may mitigate the issue to a certain degree but AI can´t. Just check 10 or 20 AI vs AI machtes and tell me it is fine.
  6. The repetitiveness is caused a lot by AI. Basically, there are three patterns of play the AI uses and naturally, if you play more than just a few games, you will become bored very quickly as the AI teams all play the same, they just switch those three styles. AI seriously aggravates all ME issues because it uses extremely negative tactics without any reason or context. For example - I played against Barcelona at Camp Nou. They needed to win because I was 7 points clear with a few matches to go. They were in a good form, scoring loads of goals. What happened? AI fielded two anchor men and two defensive wide midfielders and they barely crossed the halfway line. Yes, Barcelona at home played like Stoke City. Even worse is another example - I played Leipzig in round of 16 UCL. They won the first game 2-1 at home (naturally, with only 2 shots on target against 15 of mine). So draw was enough for them. As I had expected, they fielded 5 defenders and 2 DM:-D After I finally scored, do you think they attacked? No, they continued playing the same football for 30 minutes and only in the 91st minute they finally pushed forward and stopped playing with 5 at the back. Has anyone also noticed issue with woodwork? I started counting woodwork hits since game 15 of my season, I will soon play 37 game and my average is almost 2.3 per game. This is really a bit too much.
  7. I agree, long shot goals definitely compensate poor attacking, without them, certain teams would end up with 25 goals scored in a season, including top teams. It is also evident that defending is too strong when you check goals conceded by teams. In La Liga, halfway through the season, Barca have conceded only 5 goals, Sevilla 7, Atletico 11. These are ridiculously low numbers, especially in La Liga which is very attacking. Basically, every season, there is at least one team in each competition that is close to beating Chelsea´s defensive record under their first season with Mourinho - 15 goals conceded. It is nice to see that defending finally resembles real life a bit but attacking has to go hand in hand with that. I think we will not see an ME update this year, the problems are too deep and complex.
  8. I thought long shots in my games were ridiculous but then I checked AI v AI matches and and it is 10 times worse. I checked the last 10 matches AI vs AI in my league where at least one goal was scored. Not a single game without a long distance goal. In one game there were 3 long shots goals by one team. This really needs to stop. By the way, there has not been a single striker in 5 seasons who has managed to score more than 25 league goals in a season. There are simply no stand out performances, everyone plays the same.
  9. I have one last thing to say. I have never uploaded a pkm or created a bug thread and I will never do so "because of principles". I honestly can´t be bothered to provide anything more than just my general feedback. But I absolutely appreciate all the people who are willing to spend their precious time helping developers to repair the game. Yes, I say repair, because I honestly feel that the ME is broken, but of course, it is just my opinion and I know we can have an infinitely long debate about what "broken" really means. I appreciate that SI continuously work on the game and the staff are active and communicating which is definitely not an industry standard. But I cannot help myself but to think that their communication is very often confusing, vague and not helping at all. It is also weird that sometimes it seems that Si were genuinely unaware of a blatantly obvious issue before it was raised. Do SI not see that GK does not distribute it quickly despite being told to do so? Do they not see that that there are 20 corners a game? Do they not see that a bright green text on a white background is difficult to read? There are so many obvious bugs that one has to wonder how come the game is released in such a state, especially when a number of these bugs have been in the game for years.
  10. I know that no one cares but I am officially done with this edition. I made the mistake of buying first and skipped the demo, should have known better. Without any exaggeration, this really is the worst ME ever. Everything has been said and analyzed already so no point for repeating the same all over again. I knew we were in trouble when Neil Brock said they had tried over sixty versions of this ME. It would be naive to think that 64th or 65th version would suddenly nail it. What shocks me is that according to an SI staff member, this is allegedly the best ME ever. Now I am going to grab a beer and watch real football with real passing and hopefully some beautiful goals, bring it on Liverpool and Napoli. After playing another 5 games with this ME I really need to be reminded that football can be entertaining.
  11. (I need to see patch 19.2 at least going in the right direction (especially for central play and striker movement), really hope feedback from live beta can make a difference here.) Well I am on ME 1922 and it is still very bad. Ai plays uber defensively which in combination with zero movement and vision from attacking players makes games unbearable. They also toned down accuracy of headers and shooting in general which means......well, you get what I mean.
  12. This seems like a goal from counter attack. It has been noted many times that scoring from counters is not the issue.
  13. I think that the latest beta update (ME 1922) is worse than the last one. I am once again seeing COMPLETE lack of central play, defenders making stupid clearances and accuracy in general (especially from headers) is extremely poor. It also seems to me that movement of attacking players has been nerfed down. The last update seemed to be on the right track so I am disappointed with this one.
  14. Well, this just proves my point. West Ham actually attempted more passes than city which is ridiculous. There is just not enough difference between teams. I think that only physical attributes are really manifested in games. Technical and mental stats seem to have almost no effect on the way players play. Watch Messi or Suarez in the game and tell me that you see they are way better than the rest. You can´t, they are not.
  15. Just played a game with the latest beta ME. As usual could not break through the deep block of Stoke City (I am Chelsea), they defended like Greece in 2004. Of course, conceded an obligatory goal from corner and lost. However, what shocks me is the passing of Stoke. They attempted almost 500 passes with 80% pass completion. Seriously, do attributes mean anything in this game? I watched a full sequence of the match and if I did not know it was Stoke, I would have thought I was playing against Barcelona. There is absolutely zero difference between world class and mediocre players. They all play the same.
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