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  1. @grungeandgaze Ah I missed that part in the intro, thank you!
  2. Hi all, just a question about how you all play these types of saves. For years i've always had attribute masking turned off, but recently i've tried it on as I don't see the point in scouts with it turned off, however for challenges like this it makes it a lot harder. Was wondering if people still play with it on or turn it off due to being in the lower leagues? Thinking of starting a save myself on this forum! Thanks
  3. Well, that didn't go well... Tried for a while to get into a save with Norwich, but like every year I can't do it with my home team. Instead I have gone back to my Beta save with Bristol Rovers. Just finished season two so will do a post tomorrow as a kind of catch up
  4. Been struggling to get into a good save since the start of FM18, gave my home team Norwich a go in the Beta and loved it, until I got a corrupt file. Been dawdling for the past week over multiple options but after reading all these posts I'm going to give my beloved Canaries another go... Mainly because I hate how we've been IRL the past few seasons (yes we are doing well now, but when your manager looks like a character from the IT crowd you know it's not going to end well). Will try post once or twice a season, primarily to make me crack on with the save, but also being a lurker here for many years I'd thought i'd give this posting malarkey a go. Will post later with the starting season... OTBC
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