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  1. I’m not at all able to see your pictures in the beginning of the your topic, which seems to be the tactic. All the ohter pictures is perfectly fine.
  2. Really interesting reading! But I'm not able to see the picture of your tactic.
  3. Looks great! How was the playerstats ect.?
  4. Have this helped Morata up top with preforming, and how about your widemens? What i see a lot with possesion-based tactics this year, is that the opposition is "too" good at closing down space for your striker, and also sometimes your wingers - which result in them just not triving.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I've done a few adjudgements, which has done good for me. Changed mentality to from control to balanced, removed "Pass into space", increasing the tempo, dropping down the pressing and def line, changed the striker to CF(support/attack - haven't really decided what is best, but Embolo have gotten 7 in the last 11 games, which im satisfied with). Last change is to change both BPD's to CD's. With these changes I've achieved to keep nearly as much possesion, due to removing the "Pass into space" and changing the BPD's to CD's, meanwhile being more lethal in counter attacks. The only negative thing I've noticed, is that my APM/attack (Grealish) is getting worse ratings, due to lack of key passes and chances created. I might try to give him some more freedom, either by making him play more direct or changing him to a RPM.
  6. What i kinds expect him to do is, use hes physical abillities (which are quite good), to involve in the play, drop deeper and create space for my IF’s to move into channels in the space he is leaving/creating. At the same time i kinda expect him to finish the attacks now and then, at he is, the lone striker. I Think my main challenge is, which you are pointing out, that I’m pressing to high, with short passes, leaving no space for the “pass into space” option. Dropping the def. line back, slowing/raising the tempo? Slowing it to try to lure out the opposition, or raising the tempo to try to quicklier get it into the space behind the defense. This together with maybe changing the striker to a more direct and attacking rolle. (CFattack/AF/DLFattack)
  7. I was considering doing just that, just have a man creating some width, and at the same time have a striker in front, who will involve in more stages of the game. I’ll give it a try, and ser how it gode.
  8. Very valid points! I think you might be right about the lack of space. What i might try to do, is either drop the defensive and pressing line or the mentality to balanced - maybe both. This to lure the oppositions forward giving my striker more space in behind - I'll report back how it goes. Was also thinking about changing to a more attacking role, like Advanced Forward or Poacher, to kinda maximize the strikers "will" to attack, and maybe stay further forward (as he is a lone striker). But at the same time, I'm affraid leaving him isolated, and therefor that may encourage the DLFsupport or even CFsupport/attack? I guess my thoughtprocess is, to not give the opponent ANY time on the ball, as I'm pushing uo the defensive line, i don't want to give the time and space to make a throughball - how do you see the "Use Tighter Marking" having a negativ impact no the play? You reffering to having both Positive Mentality, shorter passing and pass into space? Thats kinda how i want to play. Don't want to play long deep ball (as I'm pressing the opposition), i still want short passes, and then pass the ball in behind, kinda. Maybe lowering the tempo even more, to encourage and lure the opposition forward even more, creating space to pass into? Regarding my CB's on BPDs, i just basicly wan't them both to be a part of the build up play - what negative impact can that have? I would really be sad to change the APMatt, as Grealish in that position is sitting on an average rating of 7.60 domination every game. But i kinda get your point - to let him become more of a static playmaker, while his midfielder parter is going to be a goalthreat. The way i see the CMatt, and correct me if I'm wrong, is an attacking "vertical runner" midfielder, with still defensive responsibilites? Unlike the Mezzala which have a more free role to roam on the flanks and not thinking much on defence. Thank you for the reply, nice to get some other eyes on the tactic and suggestions of improvements! Sound great mate! Are you running a regular 4-4-2, and what role shave you had succes with in the striker positions?
  9. Currently managing Brentford in my first season in BPL after getting 2nd in the championship. In my whole time managing Brentford, although i advanced into the BPL, I've been struggling to get my striker to preform in particular, but also my widemens. I'm currently playing a 4-3-3 formation, with following TI and roles: In my eyes, a well balanced formation, with enough support for my striker, and also the possibilty for him to influence the play. But im reguarly getting low ratings on him, with not so many passes, key passes and shots on goal. It's like hes not doing anything, and i can't work out why? Any suggestions on tactical changed with could help out? There is currently no PI besides "mark tighter" for the 3 midfielders and "close down less" for my fullbacks. Thank you in advance!