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  1. Thank you for your answers! I think something finaly "clicked" in my understandig of it :-) So the way to look at it is that nothing overrules anything else, but simply interact in some sort of "calculation" (which ofc. doesn't necessarily have to be -1, 0, +1 ect.) and make a player do something more/less?
  2. Hi guys I've been asking this question before, but was not quite satisfied with the answer... or in other words... not satisfied with my own understanding of the answer :-) Which is why I'll try again... For a long time been wondering how team- and playerinstructions awell as player traits "conflicts". My understanding of the interaction between them is, that teaminstructions is the instructions which you want to apply to all your players. Player instructions is therefore instructions you can apply to certain players, if you want them to do something different from the teaminstructions - if i understand this correctly it means that player instruction "overrules" the teaminstructions? Then taking player traits into account, does they then overrule both the teaminstructions and the playerinstructions? Eg. if i have a winger with the player trait "Cuts inside from both wings" which conflicts with the automatic player instruction of a winger "Run wide with ball", will it then make the player cut inside in the same "amount" as if he played as an Inside forward (this meaning that the player trait will "overrule" the player instruction of "Run wide with ball"), or will it actually make him do "both" more frequently in a way? ... A follow-up question of the above is, if an Inside forward have the player trait of cutting inside, will it then make him do it "more" when he also gets the automatic player instruction from the inside forward-role? Hope you understand my questions, which could propably have been more simplified... Thank you in advance!
  3. And IF he has the trait playing as a winger, he will do both? The answer i was if he would look to do it MORE with both the trait and the PI, than if he didn’t have the trait but only the PI.
  4. If a player has the trait “Cuts inside from the flank”, will that make him cut EVEN more inside when playing like an IF, than if he didn’t have the trait? What i mean is, that playing with both the trait and the PI from the IF-role, will that make him “double” the likelyhood of him cutting inside?
  5. I understand that it works that way “RIGHT” after winning the ball and going into transition. But after some time in possesion, the frontmen should surely not be influenced by the LoE?
  6. But why does it work this way? Isn’t the options of Defensive Line and Line of Engagement supposed to only “work/function” when out of possesion?
  7. Just 3 quick questions: 1. Why have a fullback on attack on the right? Why not a WBatt? 2. In the second tactic, why an IWBatt together with a CAR and APMsu? Doesn’t this cause “top” many player centraly,and a lack of whidth? 3. Isn’t a CAR ‘just’ another version of BBM? Just not running as far forward and backwards as a BBM? Not asking out of better knowledge, just curiosity
  8. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm currently in exactly the same situation, where 16/20 teams suddenly just park the bus against me - and as you said, it needs ALOT of individual performances from the attacking players. But you have some really interesting points here, especially the "counter-press"-setting, which I've ultimately just assumed is required together with "counter" e.g. Are there things you will be doing during the game, if you just can't create chances or enough chances of quality?
  9. Can someone explain me clear difference between a fullback on attack and a wingback on attack, other than the natural position being further up the pitch for the wingback? Is there any offensive movement difference/"hardcoded" difference, or can the fullback on attack just be seen as a more defensive option than wingback on attack?
  10. What is the difference between a BBM and a CM(s) e.g.? I mean besides all the prechosen PI's, but what if you chose the exact same on the CM - is there any difference then?
  11. Thank you for your answer! That seems interesting... Getting one less goalscorer instead of a playmaker to support chancecreation - or can you elaborate? And what do you think of the DLF role itself in this setup? And what team instructions do you think is creating challenges?
  12. Although I've earlier started a thread reminding of this, I now got a very different setup why I've chosen to bring this up again, seeking for advice and guidens. Currently rocking the tacitc below, which is actually doing just fine. 6 games into the season, 2nd. in the league with the best goaldifference (recently smashed Man City 5-1 at home). While all seems fine, and I maybe shoulnd't complain, i can't stand that my striker is struggling to score, nor bringing enough to the game regarding: passes, key-passes, chance creations, assist etc. I'm really happy with how I'm preforming, but it stills bugger me that the striker is not participating alot, and getting average ratings nearly every single game (the same was the case in pre-season). I've tried different role to try to make his involvement greater, but from my understand the DLF just seems logical in this kind of setup, and how I'm setting up to play. Advice and guidnes will be appreciated! Thanks in advance
  13. I think i understand how the players personalities work and what they affect - but is there any special "order" in the personalities? For example: Ambitious - relatively proffesional - proffesional ect.
  14. I’m not at all able to see your pictures in the beginning of the your topic, which seems to be the tactic. All the ohter pictures is perfectly fine.
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