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  1. Hello! I noticed a bug in the Champions League Live Table. In the last round of CL I was second when managing Stuttgart and going to the playoffs. I was down 0-1 to PSV and I looked the Live Table and it showed me I was still going to be second in this CL group despite losing this game. Therefore I didn't push hard for the draw and took the 0-1 loss because I thought I was still going to the playoffs. As it turns out I had lost the first game to PSV also so I shouldn't be in the playoffs. Sadly the Live Table tricked me. Can you fix this Live Table problem? I sent you two PKMs via SI Cloud: FMM19-VfB-Stuttgart-10-12-2019.dat FMM19-VfB-Stuttgart-11-12-2019.dat First save is before the game and the second save is the day after the CL game.
  2. I'm sorry but I don't have a save game from this period because it happened long ago and I'm now on my third season. I have seen this problem many times and in the future I will send you the save game if I see this again.
  3. I tried to sign Dominic Kohr in the summer of 2019. Leverkusen asked for 27,5M€. I added a exchange player to the deal (Samuel Shashoua) who was valued at 15M€. Leverkusen still asked for 27,5M€ even with the exchange player added. I removed the exchange player and closed the deal for 24,5M€. This is a bug right?
  4. "Transfer deadline for English clubs have passed." I should still be able to sell and loan players to abroad and also to the Championship all the way to end of august even if the transfer window has passed. In the FMM19 I am not able to do so. Why is that?
  5. I received two offers from a player. Now in the Transfer Auction window I could not add the "Buy back" option like I would have wanted. Can you fix this?
  6. I noticed a small bug on loan players: "The player did not make a single appearance for the club." And when I look at the Keita Baldé player history I can see that he made 32 appearances.
  7. I noticed that the game automatically demotes some players in the pre-season. I promoted Oliver Skipp and Luke Amos but about two weeks later they were somehow automatically dropped to the reserves. My first team squad size was 33 players. Is this a bug?
  8. I selected the Enhanced Match Engine Version from the FMM19 settings and started a new game and now I have the Match Settings I wanted
  9. First Team -> Transfer History It shows the future transfers in "Pending". Or at least in the FMM18 it did :) Although it would be nice to see the wage for the player in pending transfer because this you can forget if you are signing lot of players.
  10. Hi! I have been playing FMM19 for a while now and the biggest problem for me is the fact that you cannot select the "Match highlights" to be extended or key like in the FMM18. I very rarely see any highlights when I'm playing with "Fast" Match Speed. It's hard to manage the club if you don't see them play... FMM18 and FMM19 screenshots in the attachments shows the difference. So my selected "Match speed" is Fast but still when the rare on-pitch highlight shows up, it looks like replay because it is so slow. So can you bring back the "Select Match Highlights" option? Then I would select Match speed to be Very fast. Another smaller thing I would change is the font colors in FMM19. The help texts are so yellow. New features I'm loving: - Buy back option in transfers - Player Search Filter has "Positions" and you can even select to filter Footedness (left foot or right foot) - "Transfer Status" in the Detailed view of the squad Features I would love to see in FMM19 next update: - "Select Match Highlights" option - Ability to sort Scout search results the same way as in Player search - Player Search filter to show only the players that has "Big club release clause" or "Minimun fee release clause" - Ability to hire more coaches, scouts and physios. Four coaches is not enough to cover everything. - Player exchange: It would be nice to be able to offer to or three players in exchange for one.
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