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  1. I’m finding it impossible to sign a goalkeeper of any decent standard. The image below shows a goalkeeper valued at £11m, the club are asking for £429!!! I have also tried to sign a number of other goalkeepers with similar outcomes. A ‘Transfer Listed’ “Back Up” GK, valued at £4m, the club wouldn’t accept anything below £38m. Another, valued at £6m, status was again “Back Up”, hadn’t played a single senior game for three years, and they wouldn’t accept below £56m. I’ve attempted to sign 20+ GKs over an 18month period, and always the same outcome. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hello. I’ve been a fan for decades. I contributed towards the player database way back in 1998/99. So I am a big fan. I would like to know if any / some / all of the following issues, from FM18 have been resolved in FM19? - Average Ratings strongly unbalanced towards attacking players. I’ve had several dozen very successful seasons where defenders never received a rating of 9 or over. - Generic Central Midfielders seem to struggle the most to get High average ratings. - It is almost impossible to praise players who prefer ‘public’ praise. I’d suggest that 95% of players who want public praise have a dip in morale after said public praising. - Board confidence, in regards to competition, during the close season dips, regardless of not playing any matches. It’s particularly brutal when your clubs name begins with a letter at the latter part of the alphabet! As soon as the new season starts you have over a month sat at the bottom of the table because you’re only playing friendlies, and it affects their view of your performance. - more training options. I’d like the ability to train full backs, CBs, Defensive midfielders, attacking midfielders, forwards and strikers differently, and double that amount again splitting first team and reserves, so you can concentrate on player improvement of reserves and balance fitness / motivation more for first team squads. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Andy.
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