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  1. My young players with 4-5 stars potential is not getting any offer when I listed them in loan. Why is it so hard to loan them? And I noticed that some of my players(this case Dybala and Kovacic) don't want their contract to get renewed,so I had no choice but keeping them. The problem is why is there not any offer from any clubs? This happened with regular players too,in real life you would see that they get offer from another club no matter what the reputation is(higher or lower). I always have to use 'Offer to Clubs' option which lowered my players' value if I do that. Transfer listed them won't do it either. I don't get any offer.
  2. It showed as half of the bar and I remembered that all of them showed half of the bar before the board confidence getting update the third time. That's also the time where the squad harmony went to zero.
  3. So,I decided to resign as a manager before at Real Madrid and 1 year later I joined VFL Wolfsburg. I won the rest of the matches in the game,beat Liverpool at Euro Cup final and being a runner-up at Bundesliga but the Squad Harmony is somehow showing as zero.. Save game: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W7GKNbG8igCLbcIAw2F5aZogED81m0UG/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. How about the other coaches? They don't make any influence to the player,will that be fixed?
  5. You already can do that.. Just go to the player and search for position and change the role as a poacher(in case if it's a striker)
  6. I don't think the glitch is only on display. I have T.Courtois which says that it needs goalkeeper specialist and I have hired someone but it keeps saying that it needs goalkeeper specialist
  7. What about the TV sponsorship(I guess that's what its called) that dropped suddenly?
  8. How does the league coefficient work and how do I increase them? I started my first season with Real Madrid it seems unchallenging tbh. I got all the titles in my first season and the coefficient of the league seems decreasing. What's the problem? And, if I won the league for more than 2 consecutive season,will the coefficient go down? It happened in FMM18. I'm not sure that's the problem though. Reading every articles about this still doesn't make me understand..
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